Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Joy

Sorry I haven't posted in a while I have been so busy with my new job and old job I have barely had time to sleep. That means I just did laundry for the first time in 3 weeks! Expect outfit posts to come this week. Until then I hope everyone is having an amazing holiday season, I know I am!

Monday, December 6, 2010


I was saying before that I have realized there are a few holes in my wardrobe. Items that I really should have, classic basics, but don't. So many times I am getting ready and think, I really need a white mens button up for this outfit, or a little leather bomber would totally make this look perfect. Here is a list of the things I need to fill most of my holes.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ton-Ton Vest

I wanted a faux fur vest all season but couldn't really find one that I loved and was also in my price range. I have made a promise to myself to not buy anything I don't LOVE and that doesn't go with at least five things that I already own. It has been a really helpful way to not spend money on things I don't actually want or will use. It has also cause me to realize I have a bunch of gaps in my wardrobe. Can you believe I don't own a LBD? My friend Jen says it is because I am not a little black dress person. She is probably right as I own a ton of dresses, all in bright colours or fun patterns. But I do feel that something you should own.

Anyways I finally found the faux fur vest for me. I thought do I love it? Heck yes! Will it go with five things I already own? More than five for sure! So I bought it, and it was even on sale. Bonus!

Vest: Piko1988, True Value Vintage, $50
Dress: H&M, $19
Tights: Hue, $15
Boots: Aldo, $50
Cuff: Value Village, $2
Watch: Yardsale, $1

Now I am on the hunt for my perfect LBD. Any hints?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Job Well Done

Big news in the "Girl" world! I got a new job! I am officially the Menswear Specialist for Le Chateau at the Pacific Centre location. I am very excited to start a new job in the field I just graduated school from. Last time when I graduated make-up school it took me a very long time to find a job even close to my schooling. I wanted to work doing something with make-up so bad but knew no one in the city, had no connection or real experience getting a "real" job. This time I started looking even before I finished school. I put out the feelers, and let everyone I know, know that I was looking for work and anyone who may know anything about clothes and fashion the heads up that I was looking for work. Bam, it worked.

It was a three interview process, here is what I wore to the final interview/signing of papers for the job:

Leather Jacket: Joe Fresh, $40
Shrunken Tux: H&M, $30
Pants: H&M, $25
Tank: Sears, $12
Shoes: Aldo, $30
Scarf: Sears, $20
Purse: Winners, $20
Necklace: Vintage, Retro Rock Vintage, $9
Cuff: Value Village, $2
Watch: Yard Sale, $1

Sunday, November 28, 2010


I have been very busy and I have been neglecting my blog. I am sorry, I will work harder on that starting now. The great Christmas Season is upon on us and I have a ton of parties coming up so expect so festive outfit posts to come.

Here is a quick update of what I have been up to:

Thats right, I am finished. I graduated from Fashion Merchandising at Vancouver Community College.

My proud parents even came over from the island for the ceremony, and stayed for the party I had with my friends. It was a lot of fun to have them there. 

As a gift my friend Uldis got me a pair of hockey tickets for the Canucks games on Sunday, November 21. It was hard to choose who to take, Uldis told me to take someone. I ended up taking my friend, Brittney, it was her first game ever. We showed up wearing matching jersey and we had a great time!

Hockey Twins!

Other that that I went to a couple job interviews, got covered in snow, tried to stay warm, and having been working A LOT! Hope your winter is fun so far. Now bring on the eggnog!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fashion Royalty

Last Tuesday I got the chance to meet someone I have watched, admired, and wanted to be for years. Yes my friends, I met Jeanne Beker! The host of Fashion Television, who has been the only host for 25 years! She is fabulous! I read her autobiography this summer while hitting up the beach, so when my invite to meet her at the Bay came I jumped on it. She was just as fabulous in person.

First talking about her new collection, which she did not design but edited. I love that she was the first to say that, she isn't a designer and it was refreshing to hear someone admit what they are. Jeanne then went into a questions and answer period. Answering question after question and all with honest answers, that were not just a push for people to buy, buy, buy.
Jeanne then got comfortable at a booth for a meet and greet. She was signing things and getting her picture taken with people for a good hour or more. I was impressed. This was not something she had too do, especially knowing she had been at The Bay since 8am, a 12 hour shift.

I waited in the line with my friend, Jen and both of us had our pictures taken with Jeanne and I got her to sign the autobiography. She laughed, couldn't believe I had that one. (Its about 10 years old.) Then told me to be on the look out for the new one coming in February. I told her to come back for a book tour. (I can be such a dork.) After looking at all the clothes in her collection, smartly called Edit, it was off to Trivia. It was a Tuesday after all.

Jacket: Boyfriend blazer, borrowed from Justine
Jeans: Urban Planet, $8.00
T-shirt: American Apparel $15
Shoes: H&M, gift
Scarf: Chapters, $20
Earrings: Hong Kong street market, $2
Necklace: Retro Rock Vintage, $10
Cuff: Value Village, $2
Clutch: Vintage, Salvation Army, $5

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Full Fashion Sunday

This Sunday was amazing and fashion filled. For most of the morning I hung out in my bed watching "Project Runway", season 8 and reading the newest Vogue with Anne Hathaway on the cover. Then I got all dolled up and headed over to the Hollywood Theatre in Kitsilano to watch Casablanca on the big screen. I had never seen it before which my friends think is crazy. A friend from work who loves the movie got all dressed up to see it with me. I had a great time talking fashion, movies, and such. If you have never been to the Hollywood Theatre you really should, its is beautiful and one of the oldest movie theatres in Canada.

After the movie, which I loved, I headed back downtown to the Orpheum to watch She and Him. They are a great band. Zooey Deschanel is so adorable and wears the cutest dresses, I would love to raid her closet! She also has a large voice for such a small person, a great set of pipes. Their opening band was also very talented, with great pipes. The Orpheum is also a beautiful venue one of my favourite places in the whole city.

I had thought I would change in between the movie and the concert but I love this dress so much that I just kept it on for the concert. It might have been a bit fancy, but I got a lot of nice complements on it which is always so nice to hear.

Jacket: Jacob, $80
Dress: Vintage, Boheima Gallery, $30
Booties: Winners, $30
Belt: H&M, $15
Purse: Vintage, Gift from Dusty
Cuff: Value Village, $2
Earrings: Gift from Jen.P
Umbrella: From the Fairmont Hotel Chain

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Last Sunday I woke up early and trekked my ass over to Jericho Beach to cheer my friend, Speed, across the finish line of her first event run. 10km in 57mins, super impressive, especially to me who can not run! I try, I swear but my lungs have other ideas. I even wish I could run, I think it would be a great way to clear ones head. So anyone who can run a lot is super human in my mind. I didn't mind getting up early either, the city is so pretty and quiet at 8:30am on a Sunday. I grabbed a coffee and jumped on the bus over to the finish line. So many people in pink, I failed to mention it was a Diva run. Afterwards we headed to Hamburger Mary's for a post run breakfast. Man, that place has great diner food. Here is what I wore:

Jacket: Winners, $60
Shirt: Joe Fresh, $12
Jeans: Just Jeans, $50
Toque: Mintage, $30
Scarf: Vintage, belonged to my great grandmother
Boots: Zara, $60
Sunglasses: Dressew, $5
Cuff: Value Village, $2

Friday, October 8, 2010

Check me out....

There was a ton of people taking pictures of all the fashion folks at the White Space Gala on Tuesday. Check out this post feature yours truly:

Friend Filled Thursday

Yesterday didn't seems like it was going to be anything big. Simply a lazy morning followed by a walk to work. After work I enjoy a couple beers at the bar with my friend Luke. We have joked about splitting an on special Heineken in 2 glasses for about 6 months now, and we both wussed out and couldn't even ask the bartender for one. After drinks I did a little swing through H&M, who is having some great sales right now. Dinner with Alex at Red Robin's, he had a couple for free onion rings and I refuse to pass up free food. Then some late night girl talk with my friend, Brittany at her place. I think she was just buttering me up with candy so I would watch her cat this weekend, it worked! All in all a nice night of friends.

When: Thursday Oct, 7, 2010

Where: Walking to work, beers at the bar after work with Luke, dinner at Red Robin's with Alex, and late night chitchat with Brittany.

What: Jean Jacket: Bootlegger, $60
Shirt: Winners, $20
Pants: H&M, $20
Shoes: Aldo, $60
Purse: H&M, $16

I bought these shoe about 3 summers ago, thinking I love these shoes but what will I wear them with. I wear them with everything, they are my go to shoe. They work with dresses, skirts, pants, everything! Thankfully I have an amazing shoe guy who is constantly telling me to take more cabs. I get every pair of shoes fixed by him and I recommend him to everyone. Mr. Kim thank you for keeping my favourite shoes alive! Your the best! (You can find him in the Royal Center at Burrard and Georgia, Shoe Doc and Key, Bottom Level, near skytrain)

Do you have any secret fashion people?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

White Space and Lobster

My Tuesday night this week was quite busy. First off I was invited to the White Space Gala at The Bay Vancouver Downtown, which I went to with my friend, Jen. I once worked for the line "Pink Tartan" at this Bay was excited to see how the second floor had been transformed into the White Space. Well it was beautiful! If you haven't checked it out yet you must! There was wine and cocktails, appetizers and prizes. The buyers for The Bay have brought in quite a few new lines, See by Cloe, Adam, Free People, and many many more. The designer for Adam was even at the event at answer some questions asked by FASHION's Vancouver Editor Rebecca Tay. All in all it was a great fashion event to attend. Plus it was fun to catch up with some of my old co-workers. I got quite a few compliments on my shoes, something I always love. I also fell in love with a pair of shoes in The Bay's amazing shoe department.

This beautiful pair of Sam Edelman's will be mine....if they can find them in my size!

I also put a jacket on hold but I'm not sure I am fully in love with it, and at the beginning of the year I made a resolution to only buy things I'm in love with so will see how that turns out.

After the White Space Gala, I headed over to my usually Tuesday night event, Trivia Night at Relish Gastropub & Bar. I don't think I have expressed my love for this bar enough on here. I love it!! To put it into pop culture terms Relish is my "How I Met Your Mother"/"Cheers" bar. Yes, everyone there knows my name and makes me full like a superstar when I walk in the door. Plus they have a different Canadian beer for $3 everyday! Its like they can read my mine! This Tuesday was a little different, it was also Alexander Keith's birthday, so you could get a one pound lobster and a pint of Keith's for $20, that is cheap! Therefore Relish was packed, good thing I had a table to join or I would have been trying to eat my lobster standing up. Not something I think could even be done. We didn't win trivia but we did get to keep the mugs our beer came in, pretty cool. All in all a fun filled night.

Here is what I wore:

Jacket: Vintage, $20 (Erin Templeton sale)
Tank Top: Dynamite, $10
Pants: H&M, on sale for $20
Shoes: B2, $150
Clutch: A gift from Justin's Mom and Dad, they got it in Spain.
Cuff: Value Village, $2

Honestly I just don't wear my crazy shoes enough, I think I am going to try to wear them more often seeing I love them so much. What do you own that you just don't wear enough?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Wanted for Fall: Faux Fur Vest

Every Fall I make a list of my wants for the season, usually it has a few basic, a few replacement items and then some trends that I can't wait to wear. This year the one trend that I want so bad is the Faux Fur Vest. I searched for one on the weekend but keep thinking a better one would be just around the corner. I think I may have found the perfect one at Front and Company on Main St. Guess I'll be crossing a bridge again this weekend. What's one of your Fall must haves?

Monday, September 6, 2010

From page to reality

So after writing my post about what I would wear to brunch my friends invited me over to their place for brunch, complete with mimosa. I can never turn down free food, and what the perfect chance to actually wear my brunch outfit. True when I got to their place, a whole block from my place, they were still in their pjs, but not the point!

I got to eat a delicious brunch of scrambles eggs, bacon, toast, fresh watermelon, tons of coffee and a couple wicked mimosas! Funny thing is my friends just moved into their place and their oven/stove is not working, so the whole meal was made with the new bbq they just got. Almost like camping! Thanks guys, it was a great morning and I had a lot of fun. Your place is really coming together.

Shirt: French Connection $Free, a hand me down
Jeans: Saan $20
Shoes: Joe Fresh $19
Sunglasses: Random shop in Whistler $20
Scarf: Chapters $25
Watch: Yard sale $1
Cuff: Value Village $2

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Brunch anyone?

I wanted to posted up my outfit so bad yesterday only I didn't really have one to post. You see first thing in the morning I just threw on some clothing to meet a friend for breakfast. The place we were going for breakfast is about 2 blocks from my apartment. Normally I would still take the time and get ready but I was starving. Plus I would only have to get ready all over again in a few hours for work. So no picture from that. Then it was off to work in my all black uniform of a pencil skirt and blouse. Its not that I don't like my uniform but it is just that a uniform. So again no picture. The next thing I know it is 10 o'clock at night and I am having one beer with another friend, then its off to bed. I made it through a whole day without really getting dressed. Does this happen to anyone else?

Here is what I would put together for brunch. In fact some friends of mine just invited me over for breakfast, I think my outfit is already planned for me. I'm off for some bacon and eggs.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Busy Bee

I am trying to post at least once a day for the whole month of September, to get myself back into daily outfit photos. Yesterday was a busy day so here is the post from last night, look for another post with today's outfit to follow later.

I needed a day to night outfit, that didn't need any huge change to make it night. I got this dress at Zara a few years ago and I love it. Not too short for day but not to long to look out of place at night. I had work in the morning, then a fitting for the Vancouver Community College's graduation fashion show, then off to my friend, Matt's, birthday party. I think I pulled together a great look that worked for all three. Only one small problem, the shoes! By the time I got home at midnight my feet were not happy campers at all. Even a full cut on one foot. Guess I'll know better for next time!

Dress: Zara $30
Shoes: Winners $30
Bag: Joe Fresh $20
Earring: Aldo $10
Cuff: Value Village $2

All in all a great day, especially since there was Dairy Queen ice cream cake! Yummy

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"Nobody puts Baby in the corner"

Last Saturday I was planning on a night out on the town, so I was thinking what to wear? Well here is "Judy" wearing my idea of what to wear. My plans ending up changing so I am still saving it for another night out. I like to keep "Judy" dressed when I am not using her to sew. I think she likes it better that way, and I know I am not the only blogger/fashionista out there that feels that way. Now where to take this outfit?

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I saw a girl standing waiting to cross the road the other week and her outfit totally caught my attention. I could do that, I thought. I even had all the pieces. Here it is:

Vest: From my parent's dress-up back. Rescued it years ago
Bra Top: American Apparel $15
Jeans: Just Jeans: $45
Sandals: Aldo
Purse: Gift from my friend, Sarah (Love it)

I wore this to eat a rack of ribs and some cheesy friend's with my guy friend, Will, who is going back to Australia for a bit. It was hot out still! Unlike today, so much rain. Had to wear my gumboots.

Monday, August 30, 2010


I was looking through  my camera this morning when I saw a set of photos I had taken but not posted yet. I'm not sure when I wore this or to where but I love these pants! I bought these jeans over 5 years ago at Saan on a trip where I had ripped my jeans and needed something to wear. They turned out to be quite amazing and they only cost me $20. This spring I saw a picture of a pair of jeans with a studded pocket, I wanted them so bad. Instead I grabbed my old faithfuls and did a little DIY. A few rips here and there and a studded pockets updated my $20 jeans to something that people notice. You should try it!

Top: H&M $20
Jeans: Saan $20
Studded Pocket: All me! All in all it cost about $5
Sandals: Aldo $30

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Hunt Is On.

I have been traveling a lot this summer, not the glamorous flying all over the world kind, but one that is actually much more enjoyable for my heart. I have been driving back and forth to the Okanagan a couple times a month. You see My Man got a great job in Kelowna so I am spending as much time there as possible. After the last trip up I realized my weekend bag needs to be replaced. The one I currently have I got for $20 in a street market in Hong Kong about 6 years ago. Its a faux Prada duffel bag. Being that it is a cheap knock off the faux leather has not turned all nice and buttery over the years of use, instead it is cracking and starting to fall to pieces. Now the problem is I do not just want to run out and buy any random replacement. It has to be stylish, not overly expensive, and fit all I might need for a long weekend. I want it to go with everything, not be black, no pattern or such, have some inside pockets, and maybe an outside pocket (cellphone, passport, etc). I want it to get better with age. I don't want it to be "precious", I need to be able to put it on the ground, or toss it in the trunk, or on a plane without worrying that it will get dirty or wrecked.  I have start the search in magazine and online. I have even put together an inspiration board to keep me on track. Does anyone have a great weekend bag that they love? How big do you think it should be? A place I should look for one? Any suggests or helpful hints would be great!

This one that I saw in Lucky Magazine is the best one I have seen yet, but not being able to see it in person makes it hard for me to buy. I like to touch and play with the things I buy before just to make sure they are exactly what I am looking for.

I need your help! Suggestions?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I heart NY

Last night before heading off to bed I did a check of all the blogs I love. I always find it fun to look for inspiration for ways to wear clothes I already have. I came across this picture on The Sartorialist, and instant thought "I can do that".  I looked through my closet and came up with my version of it. I just love how laid back it is even though she is put together and wearing heels. Not so impressed with his smoking, but to each their own. Where do you look for inspiration?

Skirt: American Apparel $40
T-shirt: Gift from NYC
Shoes: Deluxe Junk $30 (these shoes are the best purchase I have ever been talked into, Thanks JP)
Belt: H&M $20
Cuff: Value Village $2
Bag: Gift from Sarah for Christmas
Watch: Yard Sale $1

Now I'm off to Trivia Night at Relish GastroPub! Wish me luck!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Lady in Red

Lately I have been complaining that I do not have enough "day" dresses. I have a lot of dresses but I feel like most of them are for night, out dancing or dinner, anything a little more fancy. Well I had totally forgotten about this dress I bought last summer. I wore it once and the zipper broke. I took it to my dry cleaner and he fixed the zipper, and voila!, day dress. Plus its red, my favourite colour!

Dress: Spank $30
Shoes: Aldo $60
Belt: H&M $20
Cuff: Value Village $2
Necklace: Gift for my sweet sixteen from my grandmother

PS Please ignore the bit of mess on my bed. I was away all weekend and haven't put everything back in its place yet.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sunshine and McQueen

Yesterday it was hot out and yet I still want to look stylish! I may have found a great new combo. Threw this on and was out the door for coffee(iced) with a friend before the heat got to be too much.

Skirt: H&M $17
Tank: Sears $12
Shoes: Deluxe Junk $30
Scarf: Alexander McQueen, gift from my man
Bag: Gift from my friend, Sarah
Sunglasses: H&M $6 (I break sunglasses so much that I buy cheap ones)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Wind

The summer wind was blowing mighty strong today. I did not realize this as I left my place in this floaty dress. Lucky I didn't have a Marilyn moment. I have worn a dress every day since last Monday. I trying to see how many days straight I can wear a dress. Some of them I never got a picture of, I have to try more to get an outfit shot everyday. Look for tomorrow's dress, I'm thinking red!

Dress: H&M $30
Shoes: Winners $30
Cardigan: Zara $19

After work I rode around the seawall again. The waves were huge and crashing up onto the seawall. It was pretty cool to see. Man, summer is fun!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I'm melting...and I love it!

It was another hot day in the VanCity today. My apartment was warm and bright at 7:30am, making it impossible to sleep in, so I did the next best thing. I went to the beach! I was on the sand at 9:30 this morning. The only person in a bikini as far as the eye could see. I have to say it was great! Not so noisy, not crowd, but still hot enough to lay there. It was a great way to start off my day, especially since I had to work at noon. I was in a great, relaxed mood for the rest of my day and nothing could ruin it. Here is what I wore when not on the sand.

Dress: Vintage, used to be my mom's
Sandals: Old Navy outlet, $5
Bikini (Underdress): Quick Nickel, $30

Now its off to bed, I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Hot Child in The City

It is still very hot in the city of Vancouver and I love it! Everyday is a dress day and everyday is a beach day! I got a bunch of compliments o this dress yesterday, which is always nice.

Dress: Vera Moda, from the Bay $50
Shoes: Deluxe Junk $30
Necklace: Rock Vintage $9

After work it was off to the beach with a couple of the girls. We lay around in our bikinis till 7:30pm, only leaving to go for a bike ride around Stanley Park. It was still hot enough to be out on the beach. The breeze from riding the seawall was quite nice and we even got to see some of the sunset.

After our ride Alex, Justine and I headed over to Joseph Richards for a little bit of dancing. I hadn't been there since it was Stone Temple. It has totally changed inside, more fancy. To be honest I kinda missed the old Stone Temple, I have some great memories of dancing till I dropped there! After some spins on the dance floor it was off to bed. All in all a great summer night!

Think I'll do it all again tonight. Man, I love summer!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Two Chefs and a table for 8

Yesterday I got called into work and I knew right away that the second I was finished it was off to the beach. I brought all my beach gear with me to work, hopped on my bike and whipped over to English Bay the minute I was done. See I had fancy dinner to attend at 8 and wanted to fit in bit of beach time before. In Vancouver the second there is enough heat the beaches are packed. We never know how long the hot weather will last and try to make the most of every minute of it. I'll be back there after work today too. Here is what I wore to ride to the beach.

Romper: Urban Outfitters $19 on the sale rack
Sandals: Old Navy outlet $5
Earrings: Hong Kong Street Market $2 
Cuff: Value Village $2

After the beach I raced home to shower and get ready for the World Cup inspired dinner I was going to at Two Chefs and a Table. If you have not heard of this place or been there you have to look them up. The food is fantastic and the people are great. I hear they do an amazing brunch too, but I haven't tried it myself yet. So 8 of us went last night and decided a little dressing up was in order. Correction, I decided I wanted to dress over the top, so I could wear on of my wicked dresses, and Ali was super excited to join. So we decided a little "over the top" was in order. 

Here is my over the top dress.

I really like to give my dresses names so I can keep track. This is the Ladybug dress. I love it! The over the topness of it only makes it so much better! I got it at a great vintage shop on main st at last summer's Car Free Day. Need to go there again soon. I always find something I love in there.

Dress: Vintage at Bohemia Gallery on Main $30
Shoes: Aldo $60
Belt: H&M $16
Purse: Birthday gift from my Ali, also from Bohemia Gallery
Cuff: Value Village $2
Fake Ray Bans: Urban Planet, Two for $5

Hope the summer heat is treating you well,