Sunday, October 24, 2010


Last Sunday I woke up early and trekked my ass over to Jericho Beach to cheer my friend, Speed, across the finish line of her first event run. 10km in 57mins, super impressive, especially to me who can not run! I try, I swear but my lungs have other ideas. I even wish I could run, I think it would be a great way to clear ones head. So anyone who can run a lot is super human in my mind. I didn't mind getting up early either, the city is so pretty and quiet at 8:30am on a Sunday. I grabbed a coffee and jumped on the bus over to the finish line. So many people in pink, I failed to mention it was a Diva run. Afterwards we headed to Hamburger Mary's for a post run breakfast. Man, that place has great diner food. Here is what I wore:

Jacket: Winners, $60
Shirt: Joe Fresh, $12
Jeans: Just Jeans, $50
Toque: Mintage, $30
Scarf: Vintage, belonged to my great grandmother
Boots: Zara, $60
Sunglasses: Dressew, $5
Cuff: Value Village, $2

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