Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lazy Sunday

I have been crazy busy this week, with getting a new job and school work. I am currently trapped inside by a retail math assignment. I am not good at math but I think I am starting to get it. Here is what I am wearing on this lazy day.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Target Market

I am back in school and it is great to be working the brain again. Unfortunately I am busy with projects already and it is stopping me from updating as much as I would like too. So here is a set made from a paper I handed in on my target market. Maybe you're my customer?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

DIY Earrings

Sunday night I thought I would whip a new pair of earrings for going back to school. I stopped at the bead store and got these beautiful back beads. They were $2 each, and I love them. The whole process took about 30 mins and cost about $5. I can't wait to try making some more. Lately I have been feeling super crafty and have so many DIY projects in my head. So many ideas so little time! Stayed tune fore the next project!

Tall Socks

Saturday was the final game of Kegball of 2009. Kegball is a game my friends and I put on a couple times a summer. It is as it sounds, a keg of beer, always from the local Granville Island brewery, and a game of softball. There are trophies, a bbq and much more fun to be had. This time I wanted to be a bit more "dressed up" and here is the result!

Top, Shorts and Socks: American Apparel, all bought over time
Shoes: Leather Converse Allstars $100

Man, was it a fun outfit and a great game! Till next year, PLAY BALL!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pretty in Pink

Thursday I headed off to work wanting to feel cheerful and chipper! So I wore a lot of pink! Pink and red always make me smile when I wear them. Heck, I'll even wear them together. What color makes you happy?

Blazer: Sample Sale $15
Tank Top: American Apparel 2 for $20
Jean: Old Navy $40
Shoes: Aldo $60
Bag: Aldo $50
Scarf: Coombs Country Market $10
Belt: H&M $15
Earrings: Gift
Coffee Sleeve: Made it myself!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mintage Make-Over

After a LOOONNNG day at work I remembered I forgot to get someone to take my photo. Sorry these are not the greatest but I had to show you this dress. I got it at Mintage for $18 on the sale rack, and fell in love with the pattern but I wasn't sure what I would do with it. It was about 8 inches longer and that made it kinda old looking. See what a little hemming or alterations can do. Last night I measured, cut and hemmed it into a really cute mini dress. I love the pattern and I am so glad I gave it a new life.

Jacket: Jacob $80
Dress: Mintage $18 and some time
Tight: ?
Shoes: Aldo $60
Belt: H&M $15
Cuff: Value Village $2
Watch: Yard sale $1

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Puddle Jumping: The French Version

Got up early today to have breakfast with my friend, Ali, before heading off to work. It was drizzling a little so I whipped out the new Hunters. It is starting to get a little chilly here in the city of Vancouver but not so much that I need to be worried about my bare forearms. After breakfast it was off to the Salvation Army, where I got a great beaded vintage clutch that needs a little repair bead work. Then work, which was not fun as it was SATURDAY, but I did get to see my friend, Stephan, who I haven't seen in over 5 years! It was great! Now I am off to have Thai for birthday dinner, then some dancing. Yup, its one of those busy, busy days!!! More photos tomorrow!

Beret: Vintage, $15
Coat: $35 (No idea where I got it!)
Shirt: Dynamite $35
Jeans: Zara $50
Boots: Hunter $150
Cuff: Value Village $2
Watch: Yard sale $1

GAP Jeans

I recently bought a pair of jeans from the GAP, which is a store I only go in if dragged in by someone else. Their stuff has NEVER fit me well. I do not have hips and every thing seems meant for a more curvy body, which I think is great but does not work for my body type. Well my friend, Jen, wanted to go to the launch of the new GAP jeans so we went. I bought the "Always Skinny" jeans and I am very happy with them!

Here they are:

Top: H&M $15
Jeans: GAP $60
Shoes: Aldo $60
Vest: Le Chateau ?
Earring: Hong Kong Street Market $0.75
Cuff: Value Village $2
Watch: Yard sale $1

Thursday, September 3, 2009

How to Wear?

I found this plaid mini in a box of clothing I have been saving at my parents house. I think I got it back in high school but was too shy to wear it. I really want to wear it this fall but I am not sure how to wear it with out looking like I'm still in high school. Any ideas?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Small Town Thrifting

I am hunting any and everywhere for mini dresses for Fall and Winter. When I was on Vancouver Island this weekend I stopped in at the Parksville S.O.S, which is like a Salvation Army. I picked up three dress, two already mini and one that will be when I'm done with it, a pair of amazing soft leather gloves and a plaid cummerbund. All for a grand total of $17.95! I love small town thrift stores!

This dress is the one I am going to hem, I'm going to keep the detail of the two hem but when on it hit at a weird place on my leg.

This dress is hot pink and I can't wait to pair it with black tights and a pair of studded booties.

Not sure yet what I'm going to do with a plaid cummerbund but I'm excited to figure something out.

This are the soft leather ever, and totally fitted to the hand. They just don't make leather gloves like they used too.

I wore of the purple velvet dress yesterday:

Dress: S.O.S Thrift Store $3.99
Tights: American Apparel $16
Shoes: Aldo $60
Earring: Aldo $10
Cuff: Value Village $2
Watch: Yard sale $1

Now the question is what to wear today?

Weekend Wedding

Went home to the Island this weekend to attend the wedding of my best friend from high school. She got married in a beautiful backyard wedding at her mom's place in Deep Bay. It was a lot of fun and a great time. Here is what I wore:

Dress: Betsey Johnson $150
Shoes: Aldo $30
Earrings: Gift from my Granny
Necklace: Gift from my friend Katie
Watch: Yard sale $1
Cuff: Value Village $2

Borrowed from the boys

Sometimes when I get up in the morning an outfit idea just pops into my head. Sometime once I get that idea on its bad and then other times its GOOD! The other day this outfit just popped into my head and it was good.

Shirt: Borrowed from a boy, Gap
Jeans: H&M $15
Shoes: Aldo $60
Belt: H&M $15
Cuff: Value Village $2
Watch: Yard sale $1