Saturday, March 29, 2008

Birthday Outfits Part 1

Yesterday was my birthday so I had a a bunch of plans during the day and then my man made plans for the night. Being that we live in a rainy area I was hoping for great weather but unfortunately it SNOWED!! I was very upset about this but I made the best of it by wearing my furry Amelia Earhart hat. My plans for the day included a free breakfast at Denny's, Lunch with a friend and a mani/pedi with my friend, Katie.

Hat: Claire's $10
Scarf: Le Chateau $15
Jacket: Thrift on Main St
Sweater(underneath): Le Chateau $20
Shirt: Winners $15
Jeans: Rewind Denim $40
Boots: Aldo $50

The plans my man made were to go sit at the beach and have some wine before heading to Cardero's. We had to scratch the beach plans due to weather so before Cardero's we went to The Calling for a drink. Cardero's was amazing! I had never been there before so was super excited to try the food. The raw oyster were fantastic as was my steak and my dessert. Also they treated me like a queen because it was my birthday. A drink and dessert on the house. Plus our waiter was great, bonus he LOVED my shoes. Man, I love the West End and its plethora of gay man!

Dress: Monteau $40
Shoes: Aldo $25
Bracelet: Birthday gift from my man's parents
I topped it off with my white suede jacket with faux fur lining. I was going for a little '40's bombshell look. I think I achieved that. It was a great night and I was so so happy!

Bonus my man got me two new dresses for my birthday and I am so excited about them. I promise to take pictures of them and post them as soon as I get a chance. Well I'm off continue the birthday celebrations, a day of fun with my man followed by a great party tonight!! YAY!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Special Day!

Today is my birthday! I'm so excited for my party tomorrow night. Tonight my man has a plan for us and then tomorrow my party at the bunker. Check back for pictures of all my birthday outfits!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Natalie Portman in Elle Magazine

I was giving a of copy of this month's Elle from my man's mom for Easter. Which of course I was excited about, not only do I LOVE magazine and it was one I did not have but Natalie Portman was on the cover. I really like her, okay I love her. According to my man I have a thing for the nice girls of Hollywood. I will agree with that, Mandy Moore, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Bynes, and OF COURSE Audrey Hepburn. I really like a lot of their style too and would say it is very similar to my own. So I was very excited to see what Natalie was wearing in the photo shoot inside well I flip to it and this is what I see.

Well I have to say that she stole this look from me! I have been rocking the striped tee with skinny jeans, and leather jacket forever! You can ask anyone who knows me. Even more so this winter. I was a little disappointed. I mean I am obviously flattered that she would want to steal my look but now I have nothing for inspiration. I was hoping for something I could throw together using stuff I already had and maybe a new thrifted item or two. I mean the only difference is that her jacket is not leather, she is vegan and mine is but from the '60's thus resused and still eco friendly if you ask me.

I was also a little disappointed that she basically has one outfit in the whole spread. BUT on the plus side I really enjoyed the make-over the whole magazine has had. I hadn't read it in a long time because it used to just seem a little dull to me. Well it has improved and I have to say I will be checking it out much more often!

Friday, March 21, 2008

The Day After

So this morning after last night's fashion and fundraiser event all I wanted to do was sleep in but that was not to be when there is work to do and a dinner with my parents to eat. I even rock 2nd day hair. After a show my hair has so much hair spray in it that I just go!

Top: Dynamite $20
Jeans: Winners: Foxy $40
Shoes: Playless $20
Scarf: Le Chateau $15
Earring: Sterling $7
Cuff: Value Village $2

PS I just got these wide leg jeans at Winners last week and I LOVE THEM! I love them so much I want to wear them all the time!

Groom's Night Out Fashion Show

Last night I was in a fashion show at The Player's Chophouse in Yaletown. It was a special event for grooms. Its the time of year when wedding fairs and soon weddings. So this was one of those things but for the guys. I, of course, got my man on the list to come see me and take pictures. Also Mattias Ohlund, from the Vancouver Canucks was there and I handed him on of the business cards for the lingerie I was wearing while I was wearing it.

Yes that is my bum. I was super nervous but once I got up there I felt GREAT.

This dress was totally see thru except where there was some very place sequins!

My man was trying to get a better shot of the first outfit, or so he says. I think its just a better shot of my bum!
After the fashion show we headed to a fundraiser for Natural Doctors International at Jupiter Lounge on Davie being thrown by one of our friends. I figured it was a better place to get a picture of our outfits than our apartment.
Jacket: Spiwack $40 at a sample sale
Shirt: Zara
Pants: Winners
Shoes: Kenneth Cole
This is the outfit my man wore to the fashion show I was in last night. I think he's looking good! Plus not a lot of the men I know can pull off plaid pants without looking like like a golfer!
Shirt: Zara
Pants: Winners
Shoes: Kenneth Cole
Me on Davie

Jacket: Thrifted on Main St $60
Top: American Apparel $15
Jeans: Winners: Foxy $40
Shoes: Payless $20
Necklace: Vintage $10.00 Thrifted
Cuff: Value Village $2
Purse: Aldo $50

This is the outfit I wore to the fashion show I was in last night. You can tell from my pose I was feeling the modeling vibe when my man took this shot.

Top: American Apparel $15
Jeans: Winners: Foxy $40
Shoes: Payless $20
Necklace: Vintage $10.00 Thrifted
Cuff: Value Village $2

Late for Work

I was running late for work so I throw on a my favorite vest with some leggings and was out the door.
Vest: Saved from my parents dress-up box, vintage
Top: Old Navy
Leggings: ?
Cuff: Value Village
Brooch: New York City (gift)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Computer Mishaps

So I moved into my new place and was excited. Finally I would get to set up my computer and not just be using my man's. Well I have a mac and for some reason it will not work with blogger. I have been having computer mishaps for about a week and on top of that my man has been in Vegas for work so I couldn't even do that!!! So here are some pictures of my style that I had to wait to upload!!

Went to dinner with my man and his parents at Milestones.
Shirt: Dynimate (free, work paid for it)
Jeans: Rewind Denim
Boots: Aldo
Cuff: Value Village
Necklace: True Value Vintage $5

On the way to work one day. It was cold yet sunny.

Jacket: Winners
Sweater: Gap
T-shirt: Jacob
Boots: Aldo
Scarf: Le Chateau
Cuff: Value Village
Sunglasses: Aldo

Picture of above outfit with out jackets.

Went to a fashion show at Celebrities. Little bit tipsy in this picture but it was the best I could find.
Red Dress: Bryan's (got it when I was 18 but didn't have the guts to wear it till I was 20ish)
Necklace: True Value Vintage
Shoes(not shown) Betsey Johnson

Well now that my man is back and I have his computer again the post will be more often, hopefully daily. Night!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Card Reader Found

I finally found my card reader. Of course I had put it somewhere safe for while we were moving and then I completely forgot where that was. That actually happens to me a lot:) I thought while I had a moment I would do a quick outfit update.

I wore this for a lazy Sunday hanging out in the new neighbour hood with my man.

Leather Jacket: Thrift on Main St
Sweater: Le Chateau (got it in grade 12, is it vintage yet?)
Tee: Winners
Jeans: Rewind Denim
Boots: B2 (christmas gift)
Scarf: Le Chateau
Cuff: Value Village

Monday, March 3, 2008

A Note

I just wanted to let everyone know that I just moved over this week so the post have been nil. I promise to catch up as soon as I find my card reader. Quite possibly tonight. Thanks for you patience. Till later cheers!