Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Natalie Portman in Elle Magazine

I was giving a of copy of this month's Elle from my man's mom for Easter. Which of course I was excited about, not only do I LOVE magazine and it was one I did not have but Natalie Portman was on the cover. I really like her, okay I love her. According to my man I have a thing for the nice girls of Hollywood. I will agree with that, Mandy Moore, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Bynes, and OF COURSE Audrey Hepburn. I really like a lot of their style too and would say it is very similar to my own. So I was very excited to see what Natalie was wearing in the photo shoot inside well I flip to it and this is what I see.

Well I have to say that she stole this look from me! I have been rocking the striped tee with skinny jeans, and leather jacket forever! You can ask anyone who knows me. Even more so this winter. I was a little disappointed. I mean I am obviously flattered that she would want to steal my look but now I have nothing for inspiration. I was hoping for something I could throw together using stuff I already had and maybe a new thrifted item or two. I mean the only difference is that her jacket is not leather, she is vegan and mine is but from the '60's thus resused and still eco friendly if you ask me.

I was also a little disappointed that she basically has one outfit in the whole spread. BUT on the plus side I really enjoyed the make-over the whole magazine has had. I hadn't read it in a long time because it used to just seem a little dull to me. Well it has improved and I have to say I will be checking it out much more often!

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