Friday, April 15, 2011


Borrowed from Lucy Laucht
I love skirts! Always have, even as a small child, mostly because I love to twirl but that is a totally different story. This is about the fact that I don't really have any in my wardrobe and that is because I never know what to wear them with. I have decided this is a problem I have to fix. After looking at many, many blogs and other blogger wearing skirts with ease I realized it can be that hard and I will be a skirt wearer again.

What I Wore
Step 1: Enlist the help of a friend, or style expert. My friend Jen and I went to Fashion School together and she is a full time skirt wearing, plus she is a professional wardrobe consultant. I have enlisted her to come to my place after I return from Mexico to help me look at the skirts I already have and make some outfits with shirts I already have. If you  are interested in her services, you can check her out at Your Everyday Stylist.

Kendi Everyday

Step 2: Admit to myself that most of the problem is bigger than just skirts. Having just hit a milestone birthday I have notice a shift in my style. Not a huge one but just enough that a lot of the things I own I realize are not me and I will probably never wear again. I was packing for my trip away with my man and had tossed in a white denim skirt and a blue denim one and realized I don't even like them, so out they came and I now know I need a more swingy style of skirt. This has also happen with some shirts and dresses too. Oh no!

Sterling Style

Step 3: Shop wisely! Think past the skirt when purchasing, do I have a shirt it will go with, how will I wear it, do I love it or am I just buying it to have a skirt. Question like this will stop me from making purchases I will regret or never wear. Also I might bring Jen along with me....

Cupcakes and Cashmere
Step 4: Just wear one! Seems simple right? Ok well here goes nothing.........

Thursday, April 7, 2011

30, Moving and Mexico!

Sorry I have been missing in action. A lot has been going on in the last little bit that it seemed like I had no time for anything! I was getting up at 5:45am, going non stop till bed at 11:00pm. Lets just say I was not a happy camper. But I am through the storm and now am back to just my regular two jobs and it feels great. Finally sometime for me.

Recap: I had a very exciting 30 birthday! It was a ton of fun. My best birthday yet! My loving man got me the weekend bag that I was dying to have and it is even better in real life. I even had a costume change at my party, one dress for dinner and one dress for dancing! Thank you to everyone who came out and made my night so perfect and fun.

Next up my man and I decided to move in together and have found an apartment. We move in May 1st and have already started trying to find all the perfect pieces to make our home together. If anyone know where I can get mirrored bedside table in Vancouver please let me know! Expect a few post about furniture to follow!

And finally I am going on my first adult vacation, just me and my man and MEXICO!! I have never been and I am incredible excited! We are going to Puerto Vallarta for 7 days of sun and fun. I'll post a ton of picture of my beach fashions when I return. I can not wait to just relax and think about nothing! And yes, that is a swim up bar in the middle of the resort pool. I will be spending some time there for sure.

So that is me mostly caught up for now. Hope everyone is well.

xoxo Girl.