Friday, April 15, 2011


Borrowed from Lucy Laucht
I love skirts! Always have, even as a small child, mostly because I love to twirl but that is a totally different story. This is about the fact that I don't really have any in my wardrobe and that is because I never know what to wear them with. I have decided this is a problem I have to fix. After looking at many, many blogs and other blogger wearing skirts with ease I realized it can be that hard and I will be a skirt wearer again.

What I Wore
Step 1: Enlist the help of a friend, or style expert. My friend Jen and I went to Fashion School together and she is a full time skirt wearing, plus she is a professional wardrobe consultant. I have enlisted her to come to my place after I return from Mexico to help me look at the skirts I already have and make some outfits with shirts I already have. If you  are interested in her services, you can check her out at Your Everyday Stylist.

Kendi Everyday

Step 2: Admit to myself that most of the problem is bigger than just skirts. Having just hit a milestone birthday I have notice a shift in my style. Not a huge one but just enough that a lot of the things I own I realize are not me and I will probably never wear again. I was packing for my trip away with my man and had tossed in a white denim skirt and a blue denim one and realized I don't even like them, so out they came and I now know I need a more swingy style of skirt. This has also happen with some shirts and dresses too. Oh no!

Sterling Style

Step 3: Shop wisely! Think past the skirt when purchasing, do I have a shirt it will go with, how will I wear it, do I love it or am I just buying it to have a skirt. Question like this will stop me from making purchases I will regret or never wear. Also I might bring Jen along with me....

Cupcakes and Cashmere
Step 4: Just wear one! Seems simple right? Ok well here goes nothing.........

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Maria said...

Love, love, love skirts, too. They could really go with anything if you're feeling up for it. I once wore a "I ♥ NY" t-shirt tucked into a high waisted gypsy skirt. Looked odd in a good way. Just go for it!