Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Snakeskin and Sunshine

Here is what I wore to work on Sunday after my friend's wedding the night before. I wish I had gotten a shot of that outfit but I was having too much fun dancing!

Shirt: H&M
Skirt: Made by me
Shoes: Aldo
Necklace: c/o my dad
Belt: Community Vintage

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Life through my iphone...

Clockwise from top left: Alexis and I at the Canucks Game, My lunch at American Cheesesteak Company, Fin!!, Friends after a night of dancing.

Clockwise from top left: Green Apple and Brie sandwich at home, TV time with my little man, An old fashioned at Cactus English Bay, Sunshine filled Robson St.

Clockwise from top left: Couch snuggles, Snakeskin in the back alley, Best meal ever: Tomato soup and grilled cheese, My love and I at a friend's wedding.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I love this colour coordinated outfit that Rachel McAdams is wearing at the premiere of "Journey 2" in California. I would love to wear this if I had an event formal enough even though I'm not normally a huge long skirt fan. I think it stems from being quite tall and struggling with finding skirts, and even pants long enough for me. I think I might try this with a short skirt.

What do you guys think?

Valentine's Day

I love little holidays. Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Canada, anything where there is a theme. I love to dress up for the day and to spoil my friends and family.

For Valentine's Day I wore two different outfits.

The first one was for running around during the day. Stopping by the restaurant to check on the staff and for getting all those last minute Valentine's things.

Shirt: Community Vintage
Jeans: Joe Fresh
Shoes: Zara
Belt: Thrifted
The second outfit I wore for a casual dinner at home with my man. We went out last year and we were both not feeling great. Plus we love to cook and be at home together.

Sweatshirt: H&M
Tank: H&M
Jeans: Joe Fresh
Boots: Le Chateau
Earrings: Gift

We had a lovely dinner together that my man made. Halibut and two kinds of risotto. Heavenly!

 Hope everyone else had a wonderful Valentine's!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Playing catch up....

I noticed this morning that I have a bunch of outfit shots that I haven't posted yet so here is a quick up of some of my outfits for this week.

Outfit 1) I wore this for running on one of my days off. Dog walking, shopping, and such.

Shirt: Le Chateau
Tights: Aritzia
Boots: Spring

Outfit 2) One day at work.

Dress: Thrifted and shortened
Belt: H&M
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Payless
Rings: Garage Sale
Bracelet: Aldo

Outfit 3) Inspired by Women's Health. I was looking through an issue of Women's Health while at the gym before work and I loved this outfit instantly. Then I realized I had the pieces to make this happen without spending a dime!

Shirt: Joe Fresh
Skirt: c/o Taryn
Shoes: Zara
Watch: gift from my man

Outfit 4) Another day at work. Inspired by the colour blue.

Shirt: Reworked Vintage
Skirt: Zara
Shoes: Payless
Necklace: Gift

And there you have it all caught up. Well except for Valentine's Day but I think that deserves its own post. Don't you?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Jolly Green Giant

This weekend I was sick! So on Saturday I wore my most comfortable yet still professional dress. I needed to be warm but still be able to talk to customers. Here is what I came up with.

Dress: Zara
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Payless
Watch: c/o My Man
Bracelet: From our trip to Mexico last year.
Earring and Ring: H&M

Why do you guys think?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Watch Me Simmer!

Today I did a small modeling gig for MAC cosmetics at The Bay for the launch of their spring line called Shop MAC. I love doing things like this! It let's step out of my normal life and back into the more creative world.

Last time I did this for them it was for the ice skating collection and I wore a skin tight one piece suit. I never know what to expect from the MAC team.

Here are the pictures I took of my transformation today.

I strolled around the cosmetics floor of The Bay with my pink shopping cart letting customers know that the new collection was out and then I stood by MAC dancing to the dj who was blasting tunes. So much fun! So many people wanted to get their picture taken with me. And touch the hair. Yes it is wig and no you can't borrow it. So funny!

Then after a toning down of the make up I was off to my real job. Nothing like an afternoon of dress up!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A little bit of polish...

If you've been following along you will know that I have recently had a promotions and am now a full time manager of a restaurant. Most likely you have also figure out that I work at Cactus Club. For anyone who has worked in the restaurant business you know that a little bit of polish goes a long way.

One of my concerns when I start my new position was that I would be work ing quite long hours and wanted to look as polished at the end as I did at the beginning. It is hot near the kitchen, and I am moving around the restaurant all shift long.

I decided to ask my local cosmetics lady what she thought I could do to make my "face" last all shift and even longer if need be. As I thought she suggested a primer. I have been thinking about getting a primer for years but always thought it was a nice to have but not something I NEEDED. I was WRONG! And as a professionally trained makeup artist I should have known better.

I am now using this primer from Quo everyday. After my nine hour work day I look basically as fresh as when I started which is perfect for a girl on the go.

Most days when I finish work it does not mean my day is over. Most nights I met up with my man and some friends. With this primer I don't have to carry all my make up in my bag and do a full redo of my face!

Seriously get yourself a primer! You will not regret it. I promise.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Showing my true colours.

There is a Canucks game tonight and I work at a restaurant so we are playing the game! Our girls wear Canucks t-shirts on game nights and I was feeling left out so I spent today hunting for a green or blue pencil skirt on Main St today. I found a bright blue one at La Bohemia for $10! Such a score!

Shirt: c/o Cactus Club
Skirt: La Bohemia
Belt: H&M
Shoes: Aldo

Go Canucks Go!

Hear me roar!

On Tuesday it was pouring buckets outside so I decided to use my day off to take care of a DIY I had been meaning to do for months!

I saw this awesome t-shirt in the September issue of Marie Claire and wanted it instantly until I saw it was by Givenchy and cost $265.

So I set out to find something similar. What I found was an XL men's shirt from Community Vinatage for $10 bucks. Only problem I am not an XL man. So it has been sitting in my drawer waiting for me to tailor it. Lucky for me I came across the perfect DIY on Pinterest. (You should totally follow me by the way)

Thank you Trash to Couture.

It didn't take a lot of time or a lot of skill and now I can wear my giant shirt and look cute not sloppy.

Shirt: Community Vintage
Jeans: Plenty
Boots: Spring
Lipstick: Relvon Matte in Wine

I know my snow leopard isn't as fierce as the Givenchy Rottweiler but I love it and I saved about $250 bucks making my own. Good call if you ask me.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Orange you glad I didn't call you banana....

I have the day off today and it is great. I went out to Burnaby for lunch with my friend, Cam to celebrate my promotion at work so I decided to wear my accordion pleated skirt. I love it. Girlie but comfortable and dressed down makes for a perfect day off outfit.

Sweater: Joe Fresh
Skirt: Aritzia
Tights: Hue
Booties: Zara