Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The times they are a changing.

Sorry that I have been a little M.I.A lately but there have been some big changes over here. However, I'm back, to catch you up here are more photos from my iPhone from over the last week.

Puppy snuggles and blog reading.
Late night hot tub session.
Rock Climbing with Matt and Emily.
Happy puppy.

Interning/surviving on coffee.
A mountain of hockey bags full of clothes for the trade shows.
Sunshine, puggle and beer!
A little Coors lite with Bellini slush.
Jelly Fish!
Sea Turtle!
Hunting for a couch.
Morning walk.
I love riding my bike.
Over the next two weeks I will be busy with moving and all the things that come along with moving but I promise not to forget about you guys. I'll be back tomorrow with an outfit post. See you then!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Getting back into it?

I know the title is a question because I am not sure if I am getting back into it or if the universe just wants me to get back into it. What is it you ask? It is make-up. I worked full time for about 5 years as a make-up artist, doing photo shoots, films, tv shows, you name it. Then I took a break, the industry can make you extremely tired and forget what real life is like. Well this past weekend I fly to Victoria to do two days on a tv show and now it looks like I am doing a photo shoot this week. So is the universe trying to tell me something or its just a little bit of fun?

Flew over to Victoria Friday morning on Harbour Air. I had never been on a float plane before.
Lions Gate looks so pretty from up above.
Bye Vancouver! See you on the flip side.
Jet Set!
My make-up station!
There is a lot of waiting around on tv sets.
The beautiful room they set me up in.
The view was amazing! 
A little breakfast on the veranda.
We stayed and were filming at Bear Mountain Resort just on the outskirts of Victoria.
A little bit of filming.
Having a beer while waiting for my flight back home.
Bye Victoria. Thanks for the mini vacation.
It was almost like a mini vacation from the rest of my life. It was really nice to switch up a bit and to use my creative skills. Also it reminded how nice Victoria is, I'm thinking road trip this summer! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day full of wonderful surprises.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Khaki Konfusion

I have a pair of khaki pants that I bought a few years ago at H&M that I just don't know what do to with. I don't want to look super preppy but I usually end up wearing them with a striped shirt. I just don't know what it is about khaki pants, they throw me for a style loop.

Well I saw this picture of Jessica Alba today and I thought I could do that. What do you guys think?

Friday, June 1, 2012

Life through my iPhone

Egg stuffed tomato!

Random limo ride

Sangria with Brittany

The first sign of summer

A new bbq

Watermelon salad and drink

First meal with the new bbq

Trying to make Rusty work out

Post trying to make Rusty work

Penelope's headband makes me want to take fashion risks

Sparkle and Shimmer are two of my favourite things.

Beauty and the beer

Brie fondue at Burgoo

Sunbeams killed my dog!