Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Getting back into it?

I know the title is a question because I am not sure if I am getting back into it or if the universe just wants me to get back into it. What is it you ask? It is make-up. I worked full time for about 5 years as a make-up artist, doing photo shoots, films, tv shows, you name it. Then I took a break, the industry can make you extremely tired and forget what real life is like. Well this past weekend I fly to Victoria to do two days on a tv show and now it looks like I am doing a photo shoot this week. So is the universe trying to tell me something or its just a little bit of fun?

Flew over to Victoria Friday morning on Harbour Air. I had never been on a float plane before.
Lions Gate looks so pretty from up above.
Bye Vancouver! See you on the flip side.
Jet Set!
My make-up station!
There is a lot of waiting around on tv sets.
The beautiful room they set me up in.
The view was amazing! 
A little breakfast on the veranda.
We stayed and were filming at Bear Mountain Resort just on the outskirts of Victoria.
A little bit of filming.
Having a beer while waiting for my flight back home.
Bye Victoria. Thanks for the mini vacation.
It was almost like a mini vacation from the rest of my life. It was really nice to switch up a bit and to use my creative skills. Also it reminded how nice Victoria is, I'm thinking road trip this summer! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day full of wonderful surprises.

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