Thursday, May 26, 2011

Things that make me happy!

Last night my man's friend came over for dinner and some hang out time. Our apartment is finally together and it is great to have friends over for food and some drinks. My man cooked up some pork chops with a very tasty orange garlic sauce and sauteed spinach. There is nothing better than a man who loves food and can cook. Here are 5 other things that make me happy.

Fresh flowers in red. I love the color red and I find that I almost always buy red flowers. I rarely treat myself to flowers but once and a while they are nice to have around.

New magazines! I love opening my mailbox and getting a magazine. Its better than getting a bill and I love sinking into the couch and reading it from cover to cover.

The "raybans" my man got me when we were in Mexico. I want real ones just like these but I kill sunglasses so these are even better! Bonus every time I wear them I think about our fun trip!

Our Puggle, Rusty. How could face make you anything other than happy? Rusty is my man's dog and now that my man and I are living together it is my duty to walk this little man every morning. Something I quite enjoy.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Inspiration: Sienna Miller

I send a lot of time reading magazine, tearing out ideas from magazines, reading blogs and hunting for the perfect pieces for my closets. But the thing I love most is when I see something that inspires me to use things I already have. You know that "I have those pieces and I could do that" moment. This morning I put together an outfit fully inspire by a picture I saw of Sienna Miller in Instyle Magazine, using only pieces I already own.

Shirt: Le Chateau
Pants: H&M
Boots: Le Chateau
Belt: From a photoshoot
Nail Polish: Chincilly  by Essie

All these pieces have been bought slowly over the years. When I saw the picture I near right away I knew that I had almost all those pieces and I couldn't wait to wear it.Side note: I am not a huge fan of how my hands look in picture, they are small and I have "fat" knuckles but I love this colour of nail polish. I just got it and I think it is so chic and goes with almost everything.

What inspires you?

Friday, May 20, 2011


I have to have these shoes. I will get rid of two other pairs of shoes if I can just have these ones!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Closet Edit

After moving in together with my Man I realized I would need to down size my wardrobe, more specifically the amount of clothes that I had. I moved from a small bachelor pad that had an amazing walk in closet to a small one bedroom that had a regular wall closet, that I would now be sharing! I have to admit I was scared and not looking forward to trying to tame my amount of clothes, at the time this was because I thought I LOVED every single piece. Well I was wrong! I called on my friend, Jen, of Your Everyday Stylist to lend me a hand. Let me make that step one.

All the stuff I removed from my wardrobe!

Step One: Do not try to do it alone.

I was already worried that this would be a stressful process and therefore knew doing it alone would only end with me in tears and nothing changed in my amount of clothing. Call on a friend, they can really help you to see that you never wear that pieces or that it is totally not you. Or call a professional like Jen, they are amazing at what they do.

Step Two: Be honest, brutally honest.

There were a few pieces in my wardrobe that I thought I loved and was just waiting to wear. Then I realized I never wore them because they made me feel gross or not like myself when I wore them. Be brutally honest with yourself, just because the piece is nice or in great shape does not mean it was meant for you to wear.

Step Three: Get it out of the house.

Once I had gotten all the stuff out of my closet I knew I needed it out of our apartment asap! I knew that if it sat there I would slowly take things out of the bags and put them back in the closet. Jen quickly took my stuff to be donated and consigned. This way I couldn't put it back in my closet where it would just take up space.

Step Four: Fill holes and build new outfits.

Jen and I quickly realized I had a few holes in my wardrobe that needed to be fill. I do not own a boyfriend blazer, a black leather jacket, a black "day" skirt, or a black clutch. I blame the fact that I have been working at a restaurant that requires my to wear all black for my lack of regular wear black items. Once we were finished the purging of my unwanted goods Jen also put together a few outfits for me with my remaining items, using things in ways I had not thought of. Its always good to get a new pair of eyes in there once and a while to refresh the items you love.


I can not stress this one enough. Once you have gotten rid of all the old, the unwanted, and the bad don't refill your closet with a bunch of other junk you kinda like, refuse to buy something if you don't LOVE it and your wardrobe will be something you can;t wait to build outfits with every morning!

Now wish me luck cause I'm off to shop!

xo Girl

Monday, May 9, 2011

Dog Duty

I have given myself a new fashion challenge, dressing for the dog park! My man has the cutest puggle ever, and since I don't have to be up early for work morning walks have become my responsibility. I really enjoy them actually, it gets me up and out of the house first thing, plus I love the little guy. BUT want to still be fashionable I am refusing to be one of those girls at the dog park who has just thrown on a pair of sweats and a baseball hat. One: That is not who I am and I actually don't own either of those things. Two: Someone needs to up the stakes so who better than me. Here is what I wore one morning last week.

Jacket: H&M $60
Sweater: Gap $30
T-shirt: American Apparel $20
Jeans: Le Chateau $30
Booties: Winners $20
Earrings: Hong Kong Street Market $2
Bag: H&M $17

Ignore the goofy guy in the background. My friend, Daniel, took this picture me once I got to work and one if the guys I work with thought he'd be funny. Haha now you're on my blog!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Mellow Yellow

I recently wrote a post about how I was struggling to figure out skirts. I love them but I never know what to pair them with. Right before I left for Mexico I made a quick stop into H&M and spotted this pretty little thing on a rack. I love the color and I was sure it would look great under the sun in Mexico. I was right! I love it would a white tank top and a tan but now that I am home I am not sure what to wear with it. My friend Jen has already suggested a teal blue blouse a combination I would not have thought of myself.  So I put it out to you. What would you wear with it?

Tank: H&M $10
Skirt: H&M $60
Shoes: B2 $100
Necklace: Vintage, Christmas gift
Cuff: Value Village $2

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mexico Photos

My man and I have been home from our vacation to Mexico for over a week now and I thought I would share some of my favourite photos from the trip with you guys. I did try to get some outfit shots but to be honest I spent most of my time in a bikini. Good thing I pack 6 of them! It was a fun and relaxing trip and I loved it so much, I think my man was afraid I would never want to leave.

In the time we have been home since our trip my man started a new job and we moved from two apartments into one. We are in the middle of getting rid of stuff, including some clothes. My friend, Jen, will be helping me with that so look for upcoming new on that. I guess you could say this new chapter in my life is making me very happy and I can't wait to see what comes next.

xo Girl

Monday, May 2, 2011


So I am back from my vacation to Mexico and back online after my move. I have tons of pictures from my trip. Including a few outfit pictures I managed to get in between margaritas and coronas. Look for a new post tomorrow.

xo Girl.