Friday, June 25, 2010


Last weekend I made a trip up to Kelowna to visit my man. He has recently moved there for work. On Monday he went into work and I drove around learning the city. I tried to hit up as many thrift shops as possible. I always find the best things in small city thrift shops. Kelowna was no different. I found this gem of a sparkly dress at a tiny, tiny store hidden off the main streets. It wasn't even on the racks yet, but the sparkle caught my eye from the back storage area and I insisted the let me try it on. One of the ladies working was sure it would not fit. Well it fit like a glove! I had to have it but haggled with them over the price. $10 bucks! I would have to pay atleast $50 for such a find in Vancouver.

Look at the detail on the fabric covered buttons. The only thing is that it is a little see through but at that price I can afford to get a slip for underneath.

So next time you take a trip out of town I suggest popping into any small town thrift shop, you never know what treasures await you. Happy Hunting!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I don't know about the rest of you but I am having a hard time dressing for the month of June. Normally it would be warm and sunny but since we are having a Juneary, I have no idea what to wear! Its chilly, windy and grey today, basically its FALL! Where is summer? The problem I am having is do I dress warm and just peel off layers if the sun comes out? This morning I had coffee with my man's sister and both of us are bundled up and cold! Can't wait to get out of town this weekend. Please Mother Nature let it be warm and sunny in Kelowna! I promise not to complain about the rain all day if you just do me this one favour!

Worst of all I am currently writing a final paper on the history of the bikini, right when I can not wear mine. The shame!

How are you coping with the weather these days?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Erin Templeton 3 year Anniversary Sample Sale

I don't know about you but I love a good sample sale. I also love Erin Templetons store! She makes amazing leather goods and always has great vintage finds. When there is a sale at her shop, I know I have to atleast go and check it out. Here is the one she is having tomorrow! Say hi if you see me there.

Thursday June 10th 4-9pm

511 Carrall Street

Please come to celebrate our 3 year anniversary with us + our friends!

vintage vintage • rickard guy moccasins

hand + shadow • erin templeton

vintage sale rack $5- $15

erin templeton samples 50-90% off

sandals 40% off

(cash is king!)

Perfect Pants

I may have found the perfect summer pants! These pants were at H&M, organic cotton, marked way down. They had a small mark on them so I asked if it was possible for a futher discount. $20. Not bad. Now the reason the are possibley the perfect summer pants is that I can dress them up or down. Yesterday I wore them during the day in a more professional dressed up way.

Blouse: Zara ($30)
Pants: H&M $20
Jacket: Le Chateau $50
Shoes: H&M $40
Hand bag: Gift from my friend Sarah

After work with a quick shift the pants and I  were off to trivia night at Relish pub with a few friends. I'm not saying that its the pants but it was the first night we ever won first place!

Jacket: Bootlegger $50
Tank: H&M $15
Pants: H&M $20
Sandals: Aldo $30
Bag: H&M $16
Sunglasses: $5

Do you have a perfect summer buy yet?