Sunday, January 30, 2011


I know that I have been saying that this is the year to fill in the "holes" in my closet but with Valentine's Day just around the corner and the prospect of a new love interest, my mind has turn to all things red. Yes, I am addicted to red. It is my favourite colour, I'm wearing it right now as I write this post. I wear Russian Red lipstick by MAC at least twice a week.
I just bought the most fabulous red shoes from Aldo. They scream pinup girl all the way. I can wait to wear them. But to where? And with what?

I have always want is a little red dress. Now I want one for Valentine's Day. And I think my friend Jen may have found me the perfect one.
I would wear this dress all the time. I love the longer sleeves and the cute doll waist line. It would totally flattering on my body type and I could wear it day or night, depending on how I styled it. It is from Zara, made of Viscose and Wool and only $115 bucks. Not bad at all for a dress I know I would wear at least once a week. Now I just have to go in and try it on.

Then after that it'll be back to filling those "holes". Right?

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Ok ladies, let talk facial hair. No, not the super crazy kind that dudes have, but the kind we have. Eyebrows! I just got back from having mine threaded and I am telling you its the best way to go. For a couple reasons:

1) It is cheap. Seriously if you are paying more than roughly $10 bucks to get your eyebrows done, your paying too much. I get my done at Maximus Salon on Davie St at Bute St. Mostly because it is 2 blocks from my apartment, but also she is good!

2) It hurts WAAAYY less than waxing. I am serious here, I almost fell asleep while she was doing. There is no way that is happening with waxing.

3) It is less aging on your skin than waxing. With waxing there is a lot of pulling and tugging at the delicate skin on your face. That is not good for aging. Threading doesn't pull at your skin so your saving your face from a lot of premature aging. Bonus!

4) Now this is less talked about but if you have a few upper lip hairs, dark or light, peach fuzz or more, they can thread that off too. Same bonuses apply, less pain, cheap, and no tugging.

5) There is still a little redness after like with waxing, but it is very light, so minimal and no swelling. So you can get it done and be out in public no problem.

If you have never tried it I say give it a go, you won't be upset. Any questions? Feel free to ask in the comments. I've got of beauty advice stored up in this brain of mine.

XO Girl.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Still being cameraless I thought I would share with you my resolutions. I asked around at my work and almost none of the other girls made any. Did you? I thought I had made quite a few till I realized they could all be made into one. "Put me first" not a bad resolution I think. But let me break it down for you.

1) Go on a vacation: I haven't been on a real vacation in roughly 7 years. I think its time. So far I am thinking Vegas for my birthday in March.

2) Take care of my body better: Eat healthier, get some exercise, don't stress out(brain health). I know everyone says these ones at the start of a new year but I am thinking less drastically. Eat healthier simply means less processed junk. I am a bit of a workaholic these days so it means less eating junk on the run. Get some exercise simply means moving my body. I sign up for a dance class that starts tomorrow. I'm very excited for that. Stress less simply means let go of the little things. Like feeling guilty for something that you need not.

3) Fill the holes in my wardrobe: I think I will have less buyers remorse and more outfits it I fill the holes I have in the basic I have in my wardrobe. Simple as that.

4) Do the things I love and don't do the things I don't: Now that doesn't mean that if your best friend is having a melt down and wants to go see a movie you would rather never see that you don't go. You go but it means that if it come down to a decision you can simple say no thanks. How easy is that?

5) Keep my money in check: Now this one is to help with all the above. No random spending of randomness. I want to go on a trip so that means I will have to say so keep my money in check. I think that one is fairly straight forward.

And last but not least,
6)Finish what you start or wrap up loose ends: Sometimes I am a procrastinator. I don't like it, it just happens. But then I feel stressed or guilty. So this year I am wrapping up all old loose ends and finishing whatever I start so there will be no new loose ends to wrap up.

All in all I think a good set of goals.

Now we'll see if I can actually make them happen......

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Happy New Year everyone! Hope its been a good year for everyone so far. I want to say sorry for not updating in a while, one the holidays took over my life and second I have left my camera at my parents house on Vancouver Island! I am lost without it. I will do my best to post something, not outfit posts, until I have it back.

Now this post has nothing to do with fashion. Does anyone out there own a crock pot? I am trying to eat at home more, not just because it is a new year but because you can save a lot of money. I'm thinking of getting a crock pot, being a single person means I don't really want to create big elaborate meals for one. I think coming home to already cooked food, and a great smelling apartment sounds great. Plus I am super busy so sometimes I need to eat and go. No time to cook a full meal. I am doing some looking around and it seems that the small ones will work for a family of one. Plus my kitchen is the same size as my closet so smaller is always better. So does anyone have a small one they love? Or a recipe that I should try? I love food and I need to get better at producing it for myself and not always eating out.
I really want a red one since most of my kitchen stuff is red...its my kitchen theme. Maybe even this one, if I can find it anywhere.

The other kitchen appliance I have been lacking is a blender. Lucky for me my friend Alex never uses his so now it has found a new home at my place. Its black but you can't be picky when its free and a good brand. First thing I did was go out and buy frozen berries and yogurt. In fact tomorrow morning I'm making smoothies! Yum!