Sunday, January 30, 2011


I know that I have been saying that this is the year to fill in the "holes" in my closet but with Valentine's Day just around the corner and the prospect of a new love interest, my mind has turn to all things red. Yes, I am addicted to red. It is my favourite colour, I'm wearing it right now as I write this post. I wear Russian Red lipstick by MAC at least twice a week.
I just bought the most fabulous red shoes from Aldo. They scream pinup girl all the way. I can wait to wear them. But to where? And with what?

I have always want is a little red dress. Now I want one for Valentine's Day. And I think my friend Jen may have found me the perfect one.
I would wear this dress all the time. I love the longer sleeves and the cute doll waist line. It would totally flattering on my body type and I could wear it day or night, depending on how I styled it. It is from Zara, made of Viscose and Wool and only $115 bucks. Not bad at all for a dress I know I would wear at least once a week. Now I just have to go in and try it on.

Then after that it'll be back to filling those "holes". Right?

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