Sunday, January 16, 2011


Ok ladies, let talk facial hair. No, not the super crazy kind that dudes have, but the kind we have. Eyebrows! I just got back from having mine threaded and I am telling you its the best way to go. For a couple reasons:

1) It is cheap. Seriously if you are paying more than roughly $10 bucks to get your eyebrows done, your paying too much. I get my done at Maximus Salon on Davie St at Bute St. Mostly because it is 2 blocks from my apartment, but also she is good!

2) It hurts WAAAYY less than waxing. I am serious here, I almost fell asleep while she was doing. There is no way that is happening with waxing.

3) It is less aging on your skin than waxing. With waxing there is a lot of pulling and tugging at the delicate skin on your face. That is not good for aging. Threading doesn't pull at your skin so your saving your face from a lot of premature aging. Bonus!

4) Now this is less talked about but if you have a few upper lip hairs, dark or light, peach fuzz or more, they can thread that off too. Same bonuses apply, less pain, cheap, and no tugging.

5) There is still a little redness after like with waxing, but it is very light, so minimal and no swelling. So you can get it done and be out in public no problem.

If you have never tried it I say give it a go, you won't be upset. Any questions? Feel free to ask in the comments. I've got of beauty advice stored up in this brain of mine.

XO Girl.

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Trains and Sewing Machines said...

When I lived in Abbotsford I got mine threaded all the time! It was amazing! They look SO good, and it actually made me feel good because of how smooth and shapely they were.