Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Still being cameraless I thought I would share with you my resolutions. I asked around at my work and almost none of the other girls made any. Did you? I thought I had made quite a few till I realized they could all be made into one. "Put me first" not a bad resolution I think. But let me break it down for you.

1) Go on a vacation: I haven't been on a real vacation in roughly 7 years. I think its time. So far I am thinking Vegas for my birthday in March.

2) Take care of my body better: Eat healthier, get some exercise, don't stress out(brain health). I know everyone says these ones at the start of a new year but I am thinking less drastically. Eat healthier simply means less processed junk. I am a bit of a workaholic these days so it means less eating junk on the run. Get some exercise simply means moving my body. I sign up for a dance class that starts tomorrow. I'm very excited for that. Stress less simply means let go of the little things. Like feeling guilty for something that you need not.

3) Fill the holes in my wardrobe: I think I will have less buyers remorse and more outfits it I fill the holes I have in the basic I have in my wardrobe. Simple as that.

4) Do the things I love and don't do the things I don't: Now that doesn't mean that if your best friend is having a melt down and wants to go see a movie you would rather never see that you don't go. You go but it means that if it come down to a decision you can simple say no thanks. How easy is that?

5) Keep my money in check: Now this one is to help with all the above. No random spending of randomness. I want to go on a trip so that means I will have to say so keep my money in check. I think that one is fairly straight forward.

And last but not least,
6)Finish what you start or wrap up loose ends: Sometimes I am a procrastinator. I don't like it, it just happens. But then I feel stressed or guilty. So this year I am wrapping up all old loose ends and finishing whatever I start so there will be no new loose ends to wrap up.

All in all I think a good set of goals.

Now we'll see if I can actually make them happen......


Andria said...

I've found that none of my girlfriends are making resolutions anymore either. "I never keep them!" is the classic line. Like you, I've started making goals or "to-do's" as opposed to those pesky resolutions! Good luck with all of the above gorgeous, 'put me first' is def. a good one!

babacool said...

love your resos, you should check out our blurb on Opp Shopping to help with #'s 3 and 6! ;)

Baba and Cool

Anonymous said...

Your layout looks really good this way by the way.

Girl said...

Thanks. I like the new layout too.