Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Learning about yourself.....

Today I learned something I already knew but always try to deny!. I am NOT a turtleneck person, that may be why I have so many scarves. I can only wear a turtleneck if it is very baggy otherwise I feel like I am being strangled! But I love the look because I love Audrey Hepburn and she looks so classic in her black turtleneck, black stovepipe crop pants and black ballet flats. I tried wearing a my black turtleneck underneath a tee shirt dress and after about 10 mintues I had to take it off. I love the look and idea but I guess it just not me! Too Bad:( I guess I am going to have to try and acheive this look in a different way!

I am going to try it with the boatneck. I mean the clavicle is sexy on any women!


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Snow Day

Today was supposed to be "Me Day" as I had the whole day off but I got called into work due to snow. Doesn't mean I couldn't fit in a little "me" with my outfit. Plus I made late lunch plans for after work. Always a bonus to have something to look forward too!

I got this jacket at the S.O.S in Parksville for $5 about 6 years ago. I simply had it dry clean and had the sleeves let out. It was one of my best finds ever! I got this vintage gloves for Christmas '06 from my friend Dusty with a vintage handbag that if I had been thinking I would have used today!

Here is a couple closer shots of the gloves. They are gorgeous! So delicate yet so well made. I noticed for the first time today that they are from Eatons. I think that is so cool.

Hope everyone else is enjoying the snow!

Vintage Dress

This is one of my favorite dresses ever, anyone who knows me can testify to that! I got it at a thrift store on Main St for about $30.00 dollars. It was full length but I want it to be more wearable so I shortened. I have never regreted that! I was feature on another blog wearing it today. Please check it out here:

Long time no post....

Hi all,

Sorry its been so long since I lasted posted. I've been sick and busy so I just wasn't feeling very creative. I had planned for a long post today but have been called into work. Damn Snow! So I thought a quick post just to let you know I'm alive.

I have exciting news.....I bought my first Betsey Johnson Dress. For those of you who don't know she is my favorite designer. Her dresses are to dead for but I have never been able to afford one. She was having a 75% off sale and I got this dress for $125.00!!! I have not worn it yet and it is waiting in my closet for that special moment! So here are pictures and when I offically wear it I will post about it again. I LOVE IT!!! Enjoy.

And with that I am off to work. Cheers for now!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Heath Ledger Found Dead

Oh My God. This awful, almost unbelieveable but yes Heath Ledger, 28, has died. Click here to read the whole story.

Back to Ikea

So today I am headed back to Ikea as the bookcase I picked up last week is the wrong color. It actually a sunny day today but I have been freezing all morning so getting dressed was like walking a tight rope act between fashionable and warm.

Sweater: Gap
Shirt: Old Navy
Jeans: Rewind Demin
Boots: B2
Necklace: Value Village
Bag: Aldo
I was going to get a picture of what I wore yesterday but I totally forgot. I worked from 11:30am till 10:00pm yesterday. Waitressing then we had a wine seminar. Its too bad too, it was a cute outfit. Oh well I'll rewear it one day and get a shot of it. Enjoy the sun. Cheers till later!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Last night my man and I attended an art show at one of my favorite clothing store in Vancouver, EL KARTEL. The show was really good. The art was a collection of pieces from The Woodpile Collective from Victoria. Most of it seemed like a mix of graffiti and modern. I really liked this one piece which almost looked floral using shades of brown and teal. I don't have a picture of it as it felt wrong to get just a shot of the art which was for sale.

They had a dj playing, yes this store has a dj booth in it, and they had a by donation cash bar. The dj was play a great mix of music, I was really enjoying it. At one point I caught myself dancing to the tunes. This store usually has a dj playing whenever they are opeing, even if its just a store employee rock the tunes.

Stylewise there was a definite theme: Scenester. I for one am not Scenester, so yes I stuck out. I'm fine with that as to me that is the thing with personal style. I look how I want to look and other look how they want to look. I may not always think its good but when two people can take the same shirt and wear it in two totally different ways that impresses me. So last night it seemed like I take the clothes from EL KARTEL and wear them in a totally different way then most who shop there.

This is Paulo one of the owners of EL KARTEL. He always is rocking the hats. And they always look good! He is originally from Mexico and the colorfullness of his clothes always impresses me. I'm a lot more muted than that with my clothing color choices.

I got a shot of my outfit before I left the house. I decided that is I was going to go to this I should rock something I bought there recently. I got this top there about 2 weeks ago for 75% off. It was a great deal. I wore this vintage purple pumps that found at a thrift store for $5 to pull out the purple in the shirt. What can I say I am not nor never will be scenester and I am fine with that. I'm a little more glam chic. Now these two on the other hand.

These two are much more scenester or are atleast trying to be. I would alhtso like to point out that I personally think there is no way these two are old enough to drink but thats beside the point. Is it just me or there a scencester uniform: Crazy Kicks, SKINNY tight jeans, and a bunch of layers or hoodie on top.

This is Devin, I guy I used to work in film. He was there to do some professional photo taking. He was looking good too. I like how the yellow of the shirt is echoed in the kicks. I am extremely jealous of Devin as he is off to New York to take picture for Issey Miyake's spring show at Fashion Week! Check out his website at Hopefully he'll post the photos he takes at Fashion Week as soon as he takes them!

My man know more than most men do about sneakers. He was very impressed with the array of kicks out last night. These classic Reeboks he figures must be custom as they never came in this color orginally

I personally really liked these one. I just think there fun. All in all it was a great night and I urge all of you to check out this store. EL KARTEL 121A-1025 Robson St. Directly below Tsunami Sushi(also a great places for good sushi) Hope you all had a great weekend I know I sure did. Cheers till later.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Movie with My Man....Friday

So today a movie I have been waiting for since the summer is in theatres. And just my luck its playing at the one across the street from my house. Lets just say I am more than excited! Yes people today is the day Cloverfield offically hits the big screen!!

I wore this all day today and decided I like this outfit so much I'm not even going to change!
Jacket: Le Chataeu
Scarf: Le Chataeu
Top: Gentle Fawn
Jeans: Rewind Jeans
Boots: Aldo
Bag: Aldo
Pins: Jones Bones(my friend dusty's punk band.)
I let you all know how the movie was but for now I have to go stand in line for an hour to get good sits. Cheer!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lunch with one of my girls

So today I am going to Ikea with my friend Sarah and then for lunch at our favorite sushi place. I am dressing comfortable yet fashionable. Plus I was wearing mostly new clothes all week so I wanted to bring out some of my favorites.

I love this hat because I got it from an old man at my church when I was 15. It has great personal value.

Also I stole this vest from the dress up box at my parents house. Some things are too good to be worn only as a costume!

Hat: Thanks John...miss you:)
Vest: Dress up boxTee: Jacob
Jeans: Shank (remixd)
Sneakers: Converse All Stars
Jacket (on bed): got it in Hong Kong
Bag (on bed): Aldo

This is a close up of the brooch on my vest. My friend Taryn got it for me when she was in New York for Christmas last year. I just love it. It lives on this vest so I always know where it is.

I put another brooch on the back of the vest as it was a little too baggy for my taste without it. I got the brooch from my Grandmother who lives in Switzerland. It is an edelweiss, which if I am not mistaken is their national flower.

Well I'm off to look at an apartment then to a white wine seminar. Should be fun. Cheers!


We all need more ex-boyfriends like this. Not just hot but such a gentlemen too. Read on!

Jessica Simpson is one lucky girl!,,20171963,00.html Check it out.

Yaletown Magazine

Hey All!

So for those of you who live in Vancouver make sure to get a copy of the February issue of Yaletown Magazine. Yours truly will be in the photo spread for Valentine's Day! I am very excited as I think the picture are going to be amazing! Look for it!


Early Wednesday Morning

I had to get up early to go do a photo shoot yesterday morning but I still managed to get a photo of my outfit. No make-up or hair yet but thats life. Here it is.

I just got this sweater at the Gap and I love it. Which for anyone who knows me is odd. I totally dislike the Gap as normally nothing in there fits me so I just avoid it. Looks like I may have to start going in more often. Cheers till later!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Red Tuesday

So this week I decided to make a pact with myself to wear an outfit everyday that I would want to blog about and post on my flickr account. So here is tuesday.

Here is the outfit without my jacket on but we all know a bad jacket can ruin an outfit so I post that picture too. I got this shirt on sale for $14.00 by Zachary's Smile. Can you believe that! I would tell you where but its way too good of a source to share with just anyone. Only problem with this outfit is the shoes. They are from Army and Navy and are super cute but so uncomfortable. In fact I may never leave the house in them again.

Here is my outfit with my jacket and shades added. It was actually sunny enough this morning to wear them on the way to work. Cheers till tomorrow.

Monday's Outfit

So I recently starting watching Gossip Girl as I heard the outfits are awsome. They are. The shows a bit fluffy but the clothes are so fun that I think I will keep watching. So after watching an episode yesterday morning I came up with this outfit. I have to say I really like it and am surprised I never thought of it before. I love both of these tops and these are a pair of favorite boots! They have a heel and I feel are sexy but subtle. Anyways hope everyone had a great weekend. I know I did!

Michael Buble

This saturday my boyfriend and I went to the Michael Buble concert at GM Place here in Vancouver. For those of you who don't know Michael Buble is a hometown boy. It was sold out and packed. We Canadians love to support our own and as he is from Vancouver you can imagine the cheering was out of control. Well it was well deserved. He put on a hell of a show. I loved it!

Now us two got pretty dressed up for the concert. I mean the music is very big band, Frank Sinatra. I was very disappointed by the lack of other people who felt the same. I was hoping to see a dressed up side of Vancouver. Even a button up with jeans would have been nice. Most people were dressed as if they were going to a hockey game. I even saw a few pairs of sweatpants. I know you want to be comfortable but every once in a while you have to step it up a notch and the Michael Buble concert was one of those moments.

I was also very excited as it was the first time I wore my Betsey Johnson shoes I got for christmas. I love them even more. They are comfortable as well as damn sexy! Thank you my love!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

French Twist

After watching a little who, what, wear today I thought I would put a little bit of a french twist on my american apparel skirt. Love it! Fun and flirty and perfect for a fitting for a photo shoot on friday.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Dancing at Bar None

Last night's outfit for dancing at Bar None. Had a great time with some of the girls from work, my man and his friend. It was great and I was really glad I was wearing flat when we decided to walk home at 2 in the morning! Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Drinks at Migz with the Boys

Went to this little pub for drinks with the boys last night and I got to rock my new vintage top. It was a great night with some random drinking of shots of 151. Good thing I felt like a rock star in my outfit, cause only rock stars drink like that.

Fun Hat

I thought this hat was so cute on this women on the skytrain. More women of this age should have this kind of fun with clothes. It was classic but with a twist. And perfect for the vancouver weather.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Sweeny Todd at the Rio on Broadway

Hi all. Happy New Year! Hope everyone is having a great year so far. I have been sick for all of 2008 therefore the posting is a little delay. Sorry about that. I went to Sweeny Todd with some friends at the Rio on broadway on Sunday Dec 31st. Not only is this one of the best movie theaters in Vancouver, so cute and slighty retro inside but it is one of the cheapest! Only 5 dollars on tuesday. Everyone should go there!

I saw this girl on my way into the theatre and I had to get her photo. I love all the red. Its so interesting that the detail can make or break an outfit. I love how the red gloves match the little bit of red on her shoes. I was very impressed by the fact that she is this nicely put together for a late show movie on a sunday. Nice not to be the only one.