Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Long time no post....

Hi all,

Sorry its been so long since I lasted posted. I've been sick and busy so I just wasn't feeling very creative. I had planned for a long post today but have been called into work. Damn Snow! So I thought a quick post just to let you know I'm alive.

I have exciting news.....I bought my first Betsey Johnson Dress. For those of you who don't know she is my favorite designer. Her dresses are to dead for but I have never been able to afford one. She was having a 75% off sale and I got this dress for $125.00!!! I have not worn it yet and it is waiting in my closet for that special moment! So here are pictures and when I offically wear it I will post about it again. I LOVE IT!!! Enjoy.

And with that I am off to work. Cheers for now!

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