Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lunch with one of my girls

So today I am going to Ikea with my friend Sarah and then for lunch at our favorite sushi place. I am dressing comfortable yet fashionable. Plus I was wearing mostly new clothes all week so I wanted to bring out some of my favorites.

I love this hat because I got it from an old man at my church when I was 15. It has great personal value.

Also I stole this vest from the dress up box at my parents house. Some things are too good to be worn only as a costume!

Hat: Thanks John...miss you:)
Vest: Dress up boxTee: Jacob
Jeans: Shank (remixd)
Sneakers: Converse All Stars
Jacket (on bed): got it in Hong Kong
Bag (on bed): Aldo

This is a close up of the brooch on my vest. My friend Taryn got it for me when she was in New York for Christmas last year. I just love it. It lives on this vest so I always know where it is.

I put another brooch on the back of the vest as it was a little too baggy for my taste without it. I got the brooch from my Grandmother who lives in Switzerland. It is an edelweiss, which if I am not mistaken is their national flower.

Well I'm off to look at an apartment then to a white wine seminar. Should be fun. Cheers!

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