Sunday, January 20, 2008


Last night my man and I attended an art show at one of my favorite clothing store in Vancouver, EL KARTEL. The show was really good. The art was a collection of pieces from The Woodpile Collective from Victoria. Most of it seemed like a mix of graffiti and modern. I really liked this one piece which almost looked floral using shades of brown and teal. I don't have a picture of it as it felt wrong to get just a shot of the art which was for sale.

They had a dj playing, yes this store has a dj booth in it, and they had a by donation cash bar. The dj was play a great mix of music, I was really enjoying it. At one point I caught myself dancing to the tunes. This store usually has a dj playing whenever they are opeing, even if its just a store employee rock the tunes.

Stylewise there was a definite theme: Scenester. I for one am not Scenester, so yes I stuck out. I'm fine with that as to me that is the thing with personal style. I look how I want to look and other look how they want to look. I may not always think its good but when two people can take the same shirt and wear it in two totally different ways that impresses me. So last night it seemed like I take the clothes from EL KARTEL and wear them in a totally different way then most who shop there.

This is Paulo one of the owners of EL KARTEL. He always is rocking the hats. And they always look good! He is originally from Mexico and the colorfullness of his clothes always impresses me. I'm a lot more muted than that with my clothing color choices.

I got a shot of my outfit before I left the house. I decided that is I was going to go to this I should rock something I bought there recently. I got this top there about 2 weeks ago for 75% off. It was a great deal. I wore this vintage purple pumps that found at a thrift store for $5 to pull out the purple in the shirt. What can I say I am not nor never will be scenester and I am fine with that. I'm a little more glam chic. Now these two on the other hand.

These two are much more scenester or are atleast trying to be. I would alhtso like to point out that I personally think there is no way these two are old enough to drink but thats beside the point. Is it just me or there a scencester uniform: Crazy Kicks, SKINNY tight jeans, and a bunch of layers or hoodie on top.

This is Devin, I guy I used to work in film. He was there to do some professional photo taking. He was looking good too. I like how the yellow of the shirt is echoed in the kicks. I am extremely jealous of Devin as he is off to New York to take picture for Issey Miyake's spring show at Fashion Week! Check out his website at Hopefully he'll post the photos he takes at Fashion Week as soon as he takes them!

My man know more than most men do about sneakers. He was very impressed with the array of kicks out last night. These classic Reeboks he figures must be custom as they never came in this color orginally

I personally really liked these one. I just think there fun. All in all it was a great night and I urge all of you to check out this store. EL KARTEL 121A-1025 Robson St. Directly below Tsunami Sushi(also a great places for good sushi) Hope you all had a great weekend I know I sure did. Cheers till later.


Celena said...

I think I know one of those "Scenesters"

Girl said...

Which one?