Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Snow Day

Today was supposed to be "Me Day" as I had the whole day off but I got called into work due to snow. Doesn't mean I couldn't fit in a little "me" with my outfit. Plus I made late lunch plans for after work. Always a bonus to have something to look forward too!

I got this jacket at the S.O.S in Parksville for $5 about 6 years ago. I simply had it dry clean and had the sleeves let out. It was one of my best finds ever! I got this vintage gloves for Christmas '06 from my friend Dusty with a vintage handbag that if I had been thinking I would have used today!

Here is a couple closer shots of the gloves. They are gorgeous! So delicate yet so well made. I noticed for the first time today that they are from Eatons. I think that is so cool.

Hope everyone else is enjoying the snow!

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