Monday, September 20, 2010

Wanted for Fall: Faux Fur Vest

Every Fall I make a list of my wants for the season, usually it has a few basic, a few replacement items and then some trends that I can't wait to wear. This year the one trend that I want so bad is the Faux Fur Vest. I searched for one on the weekend but keep thinking a better one would be just around the corner. I think I may have found the perfect one at Front and Company on Main St. Guess I'll be crossing a bridge again this weekend. What's one of your Fall must haves?

Monday, September 6, 2010

From page to reality

So after writing my post about what I would wear to brunch my friends invited me over to their place for brunch, complete with mimosa. I can never turn down free food, and what the perfect chance to actually wear my brunch outfit. True when I got to their place, a whole block from my place, they were still in their pjs, but not the point!

I got to eat a delicious brunch of scrambles eggs, bacon, toast, fresh watermelon, tons of coffee and a couple wicked mimosas! Funny thing is my friends just moved into their place and their oven/stove is not working, so the whole meal was made with the new bbq they just got. Almost like camping! Thanks guys, it was a great morning and I had a lot of fun. Your place is really coming together.

Shirt: French Connection $Free, a hand me down
Jeans: Saan $20
Shoes: Joe Fresh $19
Sunglasses: Random shop in Whistler $20
Scarf: Chapters $25
Watch: Yard sale $1
Cuff: Value Village $2

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Brunch anyone?

I wanted to posted up my outfit so bad yesterday only I didn't really have one to post. You see first thing in the morning I just threw on some clothing to meet a friend for breakfast. The place we were going for breakfast is about 2 blocks from my apartment. Normally I would still take the time and get ready but I was starving. Plus I would only have to get ready all over again in a few hours for work. So no picture from that. Then it was off to work in my all black uniform of a pencil skirt and blouse. Its not that I don't like my uniform but it is just that a uniform. So again no picture. The next thing I know it is 10 o'clock at night and I am having one beer with another friend, then its off to bed. I made it through a whole day without really getting dressed. Does this happen to anyone else?

Here is what I would put together for brunch. In fact some friends of mine just invited me over for breakfast, I think my outfit is already planned for me. I'm off for some bacon and eggs.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Busy Bee

I am trying to post at least once a day for the whole month of September, to get myself back into daily outfit photos. Yesterday was a busy day so here is the post from last night, look for another post with today's outfit to follow later.

I needed a day to night outfit, that didn't need any huge change to make it night. I got this dress at Zara a few years ago and I love it. Not too short for day but not to long to look out of place at night. I had work in the morning, then a fitting for the Vancouver Community College's graduation fashion show, then off to my friend, Matt's, birthday party. I think I pulled together a great look that worked for all three. Only one small problem, the shoes! By the time I got home at midnight my feet were not happy campers at all. Even a full cut on one foot. Guess I'll know better for next time!

Dress: Zara $30
Shoes: Winners $30
Bag: Joe Fresh $20
Earring: Aldo $10
Cuff: Value Village $2

All in all a great day, especially since there was Dairy Queen ice cream cake! Yummy

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"Nobody puts Baby in the corner"

Last Saturday I was planning on a night out on the town, so I was thinking what to wear? Well here is "Judy" wearing my idea of what to wear. My plans ending up changing so I am still saving it for another night out. I like to keep "Judy" dressed when I am not using her to sew. I think she likes it better that way, and I know I am not the only blogger/fashionista out there that feels that way. Now where to take this outfit?