Monday, September 20, 2010

Wanted for Fall: Faux Fur Vest

Every Fall I make a list of my wants for the season, usually it has a few basic, a few replacement items and then some trends that I can't wait to wear. This year the one trend that I want so bad is the Faux Fur Vest. I searched for one on the weekend but keep thinking a better one would be just around the corner. I think I may have found the perfect one at Front and Company on Main St. Guess I'll be crossing a bridge again this weekend. What's one of your Fall must haves?


Alex said...

Fall must have: zoot suit.

byAndriaParker said...

red lip stain & fearlessness! Love the blog by the way, I've been scanning your pages for about a year now-you should definitely keep the posts going. Hope all's going well in the work force, it's a tough field to make or break it in, but you've got the style. xo