Monday, September 6, 2010

From page to reality

So after writing my post about what I would wear to brunch my friends invited me over to their place for brunch, complete with mimosa. I can never turn down free food, and what the perfect chance to actually wear my brunch outfit. True when I got to their place, a whole block from my place, they were still in their pjs, but not the point!

I got to eat a delicious brunch of scrambles eggs, bacon, toast, fresh watermelon, tons of coffee and a couple wicked mimosas! Funny thing is my friends just moved into their place and their oven/stove is not working, so the whole meal was made with the new bbq they just got. Almost like camping! Thanks guys, it was a great morning and I had a lot of fun. Your place is really coming together.

Shirt: French Connection $Free, a hand me down
Jeans: Saan $20
Shoes: Joe Fresh $19
Sunglasses: Random shop in Whistler $20
Scarf: Chapters $25
Watch: Yard sale $1
Cuff: Value Village $2

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