Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Perfect Pants

I may have found the perfect summer pants! These pants were at H&M, organic cotton, marked way down. They had a small mark on them so I asked if it was possible for a futher discount. $20. Not bad. Now the reason the are possibley the perfect summer pants is that I can dress them up or down. Yesterday I wore them during the day in a more professional dressed up way.

Blouse: Zara ($30)
Pants: H&M $20
Jacket: Le Chateau $50
Shoes: H&M $40
Hand bag: Gift from my friend Sarah

After work with a quick shift the pants and I  were off to trivia night at Relish pub with a few friends. I'm not saying that its the pants but it was the first night we ever won first place!

Jacket: Bootlegger $50
Tank: H&M $15
Pants: H&M $20
Sandals: Aldo $30
Bag: H&M $16
Sunglasses: $5

Do you have a perfect summer buy yet?


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Trains and Sewing Machines said...

Cute pants!! H&M is so awesome. I really need to go there again :) Love the length, and they look super comfy!