Thursday, May 26, 2011

Things that make me happy!

Last night my man's friend came over for dinner and some hang out time. Our apartment is finally together and it is great to have friends over for food and some drinks. My man cooked up some pork chops with a very tasty orange garlic sauce and sauteed spinach. There is nothing better than a man who loves food and can cook. Here are 5 other things that make me happy.

Fresh flowers in red. I love the color red and I find that I almost always buy red flowers. I rarely treat myself to flowers but once and a while they are nice to have around.

New magazines! I love opening my mailbox and getting a magazine. Its better than getting a bill and I love sinking into the couch and reading it from cover to cover.

The "raybans" my man got me when we were in Mexico. I want real ones just like these but I kill sunglasses so these are even better! Bonus every time I wear them I think about our fun trip!

Our Puggle, Rusty. How could face make you anything other than happy? Rusty is my man's dog and now that my man and I are living together it is my duty to walk this little man every morning. Something I quite enjoy.


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