Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Computer Mishaps

So I moved into my new place and was excited. Finally I would get to set up my computer and not just be using my man's. Well I have a mac and for some reason it will not work with blogger. I have been having computer mishaps for about a week and on top of that my man has been in Vegas for work so I couldn't even do that!!! So here are some pictures of my style that I had to wait to upload!!

Went to dinner with my man and his parents at Milestones.
Shirt: Dynimate (free, work paid for it)
Jeans: Rewind Denim
Boots: Aldo
Cuff: Value Village
Necklace: True Value Vintage $5

On the way to work one day. It was cold yet sunny.

Jacket: Winners
Sweater: Gap
T-shirt: Jacob
Boots: Aldo
Scarf: Le Chateau
Cuff: Value Village
Sunglasses: Aldo

Picture of above outfit with out jackets.

Went to a fashion show at Celebrities. Little bit tipsy in this picture but it was the best I could find.
Red Dress: Bryan's (got it when I was 18 but didn't have the guts to wear it till I was 20ish)
Necklace: True Value Vintage
Shoes(not shown) Betsey Johnson

Well now that my man is back and I have his computer again the post will be more often, hopefully daily. Night!

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