Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Full Fashion Sunday

This Sunday was amazing and fashion filled. For most of the morning I hung out in my bed watching "Project Runway", season 8 and reading the newest Vogue with Anne Hathaway on the cover. Then I got all dolled up and headed over to the Hollywood Theatre in Kitsilano to watch Casablanca on the big screen. I had never seen it before which my friends think is crazy. A friend from work who loves the movie got all dressed up to see it with me. I had a great time talking fashion, movies, and such. If you have never been to the Hollywood Theatre you really should, its is beautiful and one of the oldest movie theatres in Canada.

After the movie, which I loved, I headed back downtown to the Orpheum to watch She and Him. They are a great band. Zooey Deschanel is so adorable and wears the cutest dresses, I would love to raid her closet! She also has a large voice for such a small person, a great set of pipes. Their opening band was also very talented, with great pipes. The Orpheum is also a beautiful venue one of my favourite places in the whole city.

I had thought I would change in between the movie and the concert but I love this dress so much that I just kept it on for the concert. It might have been a bit fancy, but I got a lot of nice complements on it which is always so nice to hear.

Jacket: Jacob, $80
Dress: Vintage, Boheima Gallery, $30
Booties: Winners, $30
Belt: H&M, $15
Purse: Vintage, Gift from Dusty
Cuff: Value Village, $2
Earrings: Gift from Jen.P
Umbrella: From the Fairmont Hotel Chain


Anthea said...

Did you hear they are canceling Project Runway Canada? Tim Gunn and Isaac Mizrahi were on Gossip Girl this week. It was amazing! Love those booties!

Fiona said...

That is a truly awesome dress! I love it!!