Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fashion Royalty

Last Tuesday I got the chance to meet someone I have watched, admired, and wanted to be for years. Yes my friends, I met Jeanne Beker! The host of Fashion Television, who has been the only host for 25 years! She is fabulous! I read her autobiography this summer while hitting up the beach, so when my invite to meet her at the Bay came I jumped on it. She was just as fabulous in person.

First talking about her new collection, which she did not design but edited. I love that she was the first to say that, she isn't a designer and it was refreshing to hear someone admit what they are. Jeanne then went into a questions and answer period. Answering question after question and all with honest answers, that were not just a push for people to buy, buy, buy.
Jeanne then got comfortable at a booth for a meet and greet. She was signing things and getting her picture taken with people for a good hour or more. I was impressed. This was not something she had too do, especially knowing she had been at The Bay since 8am, a 12 hour shift.

I waited in the line with my friend, Jen and both of us had our pictures taken with Jeanne and I got her to sign the autobiography. She laughed, couldn't believe I had that one. (Its about 10 years old.) Then told me to be on the look out for the new one coming in February. I told her to come back for a book tour. (I can be such a dork.) After looking at all the clothes in her collection, smartly called Edit, it was off to Trivia. It was a Tuesday after all.

Jacket: Boyfriend blazer, borrowed from Justine
Jeans: Urban Planet, $8.00
T-shirt: American Apparel $15
Shoes: H&M, gift
Scarf: Chapters, $20
Earrings: Hong Kong street market, $2
Necklace: Retro Rock Vintage, $10
Cuff: Value Village, $2
Clutch: Vintage, Salvation Army, $5

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