Friday, July 9, 2010

Hot Child in The City

It is still very hot in the city of Vancouver and I love it! Everyday is a dress day and everyday is a beach day! I got a bunch of compliments o this dress yesterday, which is always nice.

Dress: Vera Moda, from the Bay $50
Shoes: Deluxe Junk $30
Necklace: Rock Vintage $9

After work it was off to the beach with a couple of the girls. We lay around in our bikinis till 7:30pm, only leaving to go for a bike ride around Stanley Park. It was still hot enough to be out on the beach. The breeze from riding the seawall was quite nice and we even got to see some of the sunset.

After our ride Alex, Justine and I headed over to Joseph Richards for a little bit of dancing. I hadn't been there since it was Stone Temple. It has totally changed inside, more fancy. To be honest I kinda missed the old Stone Temple, I have some great memories of dancing till I dropped there! After some spins on the dance floor it was off to bed. All in all a great summer night!

Think I'll do it all again tonight. Man, I love summer!


Jason said...

wish I could have been there with you on the beach...

Girl said...

I wish so too!