Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hawaii Dreams

So yesterday it was hot! Finally! All I wanted to do was grab my beach bag, which I keep pack, by the door, ready to go all summer but I had to head off to fittings first. I threw on this vintage Hawaii themed dress, grab my bike and was off. I love this dress but I rarely wore it cause the length was a bit long, and made it feel more dressy to me. I mentioned this at the fittings and one of the VCC students, Karen, quickly hemmed it for me. Thank you so much Karen! I love it a million times more at this length and will wear it so much more. Let that be a lesson for everyone, small changes or alterations can make a huge difference to your clothes. Not everything is perfect right off the rack.

Dress: Mintage $30
Shoes: Spring $30
Bag: Vintage $10
Bike: Cheapskates on Dunbar $250

After fittings I hit up the beach for a bit then headed off to trivia night at Relish with my friends, where my team (Team Awesome) won 1st place! That's twice now. Not a bad summer fun day. Hope everyone is getting a chance to enjoy the great weather!

Now I'm off to work,



Anonymous said...

I love you dress & your blog!

Peace, love & happiness,
-stef xo.

Anonymous said...

I love this dress it looks so cool for summer

Karen said...

you are very welcome!!!!!!! haha i just read that. :)