Monday, May 14, 2012

A Revamp of a Classic

Before we went to Hawaii this spring I decided that my favourite summer staple needed a bit of a revamp, an upgrade if you will. I live in my jean cut off shorts in summer, I love them! I am not really a fan of short, I prefer dresses, but every girl does need a pair of shorts. I, truthfully, only have two pairs of shorts. Jean cut offs and a pair of olive green cargo shorts. I wear the jean shorts to death and the other pair maybe 3 times a summer. You can see where my true love lies, anyways, I thought they needed a bit of a change this summer.

Last summer I bought a pair of over sized jeans at The Wildlife Thrift store on Granville St and turned them into a pair of shorts. I don't think that jean short should be too tight and now that I mostly wear skinny jeans I needed someone else jeans to turn into short. I think they cost me about $5 bucks. Not bad, huh?

So to upgrade them I simply added studs. I adore studs and feel that they had just a little bit of tough to anything they are on. Here is the finished product. Cool, right?

I think I wore them 5 out of the 7 days we were in Hawaii and if you're wondering they go with everything. The great thing about studs is that they work with anything you want them to go with, no need to worry about mixing metal or any of that. Just throw them on and go. This whole upgrade took me about 15 mins and now its like I have a whole new pair of shorts. So great!

You can get the studs at any craft or fabric shop and the instructions are on the box. I wish I have take some diy shots along the way but I totally forgot. If you have any question, let me know!

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