Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A little vintage baby!

Being super busy with a full time job and an internship means I have to make effort to fit in some "me" time. It is so important to make sure you get some "me" time or else you just burn out and are no good to anyone.

Last Thursday I had a full day of "me" time before it it was off to work at 5. I met up with my friend, Taryn, who I hadn't seen in a few years. It was was as if nothing had changed, well other than the fact that she got married and had a baby. We had a great time at brunch, the three ladies. Penelope is adorable and her style is already rocking. I would expect nothing less having a movie costume expert for a mom.

Doesn't her hairband just make you want to take a fashion risk? It does for me. In fact, after brunch I headed out to do a little vintage shopping. I used to go vintage shopping almost every weekend but recently I have just not had time. And because of little Penelope I took a few risk when trying things one. I think I did really good with the pieces I scored.

Some of the items I tried on at The Bohemian Gallery on Main St.

My finds from The Bohemian Gallery.

This '90s dress had some serious shoulder pads that came out ASAP.


One of those pieces that is about a million times better on the body than the  hanger.
After scoring some great pieces I headed over to Burgoo on Main St to have a little lunch. Nothing like a beer and some fondue to make a girl happy. 

Brie cheese fondue, YUM!
It makes a world of a difference to squeeze in some "me' time, I felt refreshed and happy to be off to work.


Anonymous said...

Burgoo's Fondue is my go-to "me time" splurge. It's not bad that I eat the whole thing & want another, immediately, is it?

Great scores from the Gallery, love the leopard sandals!

Tiffany Riley said...

That is totally normal. I love their fondue!

lesley kim said...

cute blog!! Do you want to follow each other?

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