Thursday, May 17, 2012

Inspiration comes from many places: The White Blazer

I know I showed you my white blazer on Sunday but I didn't express how bad I wanted it. I started hunting for a white blazer in mid February. I know, a tough time to find a white blazer, but I was obsessed. I was inspired by an article in Lucky magazine. I LOVE MY: White Blazer. 1 girl, 1 signature piece, 4 ways. I already knew I needed a black boyfriend blazer, I didn't know I needed a white one till I saw this.

Lucky Magazine

Lucky Magazine

My obsession continued when a month later I saw this. On top of the fact that there was another girl rocking a white blazer, she was wearing another one of my most wanted items...leather pants! Oh, how I long for real black leather pants...anyways back to the white blazer.

Marie Claire

 I finally found one that I loved at Aritzia in April. The best part, I had just received a $50 dollar gift card from my work for Aritzia, and had my birthday. So basically the blazer was free. Oh, how the world works in such wonderful ways. I wore it to work yesterday at Yates & Co and I felt great. I got the inspiration for the outfit below from this lovely lady.

Lucy Laucht
What do you guys think? Awesome right?!

Blazer: Aritzia
Top: Joe Fresh
Jeans: Forever 21
Flats: Aldo
Necklace: Aldo
Watch: Rolex, c/o Mike

Yesterday I sent part of my day merchandising the showroom for when the sales reps have buyer meeting. I enjoy setting the clothes up for people to see them at their best. Here is a snap I took of the Charlotte Tarantola Fall 2013 line all set up and ready to be sold. I'm telling you ladies there are some fantastic pieces I plan on making mine!

Now I am off to a 9am bar meeting at Cactus Club, looking forward to trying the new summer drinks that we will be rolling out May 27th. See you on the flip side....yeah I just said that...

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