Monday, April 7, 2008

Weekend Warrior

This weekend my Man's parents stayed with us so there was a lot of activities. On Saturday we went to a car show at BC Place. It was the show of all the '08 models of all the different manufacturers. I had never been to a new car show, only show with the vintage models. It was interesting to see a different kind of car show. I grabbed a shot of my outfit at the show for a different background than my bedroom door.

Jacket: Le Chateau, gift from grandparent a few Christmases ago
Shirt:American Apparal V-neck $15
Jeans: Rewind Denim $40
Boots: B2 Christmas gift
Scarf: Thrifted on Main St
Bag: Aldo

Here is my man's outfit from the car show. I must say I am loving the new shoes he got for himself.
Sweater: Banana Republic
Polo: Volcom
Jeans: Quicksilver
Shoes: Zara Mens
In the background is my Man's father and brother. As you can tell brown is a very liked color with this group:)

On Sunday I had a staff meeting at 9am so I dressed quietly with clothes I had picked out the night before. My man's parents were sleeping in our bedroom. I normally can not pick out an outfit the night before but I think I did okay.

Jacket: from a set sale
Sweatshirt: Gentle Fawn $30
Shirt: American Apparall $15
Jeans: Rewind Denim
Boots: B2 Christmas gift
Scarf: Thrifted on Main St

I would like to note that this picture of taken after my Man and I rode the bikes we had just bought home in the rain! I was not prepared for the weather but it was fun and I scored the best bike ever!!!!

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