Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Birthday Swagger

Last Wednesday was my birthday so this Saturday was my birthday party! Had a bunch of friends over for some drinks and munchies. I love to entertain so I made what my friend called a snack map! I had a piece of construction paper on our table as a table mat and wrote down what the food was with sharpie. Unfortunately I did not get a picture. I was too busy working the room. Here are some snapshots from my birthday week.
Dress I wore to birthday dinner with Mike on Wednesday.

Wednesday's birthday shoes

Vintage clutch for dinner.

The bracelet Mike got me! So sparkly!

Some decorations!

The cake pops that Nat and Eric made.

My girl all dressed up for the party.

Some wines and the cactus I got for my birthday.
The bike Mike got me for my birthday!

Who doesn't love a banner?
This skull vodka makes me feel like Hamlet.

This birthday was a ton of fun and I really enjoyed having people over instead of going out. We got to have ACTUAL conversations with each other. Imagine that! And I want to give a big shout out to my awesome neighbours for letting us go till 6 in the morning with some music and not getting mad. I owe you a bottle of wine!

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