Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Wants

This happens to me ever season! The weather starts to change and I want to refresh my wardrobe choices. This Spring I am craving some very classic pieces to mix with my more wild pieces. Here are my Spring wants.

I have a great trench in black but I really need a spring trench. A nice classic beige would be perfect.

I love Converse sneakers. In fact they are pretty much the only sneakers I will wear. I am craving a pair of new low tops. My pair is done, worn to pieces. I'm thinking white or cream for this spring.

I need to replace my aviators. I kill sunglasses so I just buy a cheap $20 pair every summer and hope they make it the end. Lets face it, they probably won't.

Every year I say I'm going to buy a pair of white skinnys. It never happens. This year is the year....I think.

Of course no wardrobe refresh is complete with out something crazy so I am thinking so hot pink, not sure what but something hot pink is the ticket! 

What's on your Spring wishlist?


Kate (Embarrassment of Riches) said...

I've been saying I'm going to buy a pair of white skinnies for three summers's actually a running joke amongst my friends! I haven't found any that aren't see-through! Let me know if you end up with some you like. This may be the year I actually get them.

The other night I tried on the classic stone-colored Burberry was divine. I couldn't justify the price even though it's such a timeless piece.

I'd like a few pairs of flat summer sandals, but otherwise there's nothing I really need!

Girl said...

Have you tried looking white jeans at Zara? They have a ton and none seem see through.