Thursday, December 18, 2008

Stanley Park Christmas Lights!

Tuesday night my man and I got all bundled up and went out in the snow to see the Christmas Lights in Stanley Park. This was my first year going to see them, it was beautiful. What I didn't know is that there is a train ride through the park where you get to see even more lights. Its $8.00 per adult and we were totally going to do it till we saw this line!

Lets say we were not the only people with this idea. Apparently you need to buy the tickets in advance or be willing to what about 45mins to and hour. Which normally would have been fine but with all this weird snowy weather we are having, it was FREEZING! 

So we are planning on going next year. Which makes me super excited! I am like a kid in a candy store when it comes to Christmas fun. If you have time before you head out on your Christmas holidays I say go and check it out. The lights were awesome and its free if you skip the train! I say grab a hot coco, bundle up and do it!

After the lights we did a little Christmas shopping then off to my place for a great meal and a Christmas viewing of "Fred Claus".

Here's what I wore.

Shirt: My mans
Tank Top: Free from my friend(underneath)
Skirt: H&M $30
Tights: American Apparel $16
Boots: Zara $80
Belt: Winners $5
Head Band: Necklace from Urban Outfitters $20

I had to buy these boots when it snowed on Sunday as I have NO waterproof footwear. I am very unprepared for this weather!


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Ali said...

I have been wearing my rubber boots non-stop, and my feet are perma-numb. Stupid snow!