Sunday, December 21, 2008

Odd Inspiration

Sometimes you find inspiration for outfits in the weirdest places. While I am at my parents place I am teaching my mom how to use her ipod and while setting it up for her I decided to put all her cds in to itunes for her. I was putting Sugarland into itunes when I noticed the picture on the back of the cd cover. It was a red skirt on the cover but all I could find on the internet was the same picture but the skirt in green.

I have a red leather skirt and as soon as warm weather rolls around I will be pairing it with a nice white tank and matching red belt. Now what shoes to wear with it?

So I goggled the lead singer and I saw a few more outfits that I thought were great. Who know I would be inspired by a country singer?

Guess I'll be check out the country awards more often.

Whats some of your weird inspirations?


Civilized Spice said...

oooh... that is the most fabulous green skirt. ever.

Anonymous said...

You MUST post some new outfits with this leather skirt! Awesome!