Tuesday, May 13, 2008


This is what I saw walking home from work in the rain today. Yes its a skunk! This picture basically sums up the weather and therefore my mood at the moment!

Sorry I haven't written a while but since I wrote about the sun, there hasn't been any! It doesn't make a girl really want to dress well or honestly do anything! I am feeling a little upset about the weather, no not a little, A LOT. It is depressing, this morning I could see my breath as I was walking to work. I do not like it, not one bit! I want to start wearing little tiny dresses with only flip flops, bikinis at the beach, a cute top with jeans and big wedge sandals with NO SWEATER! I am sick of being cold, getting wet and having to wear layers. I mean it is MAY, spring should have sprung. So please mother nature, please let there be sunshine and warmth!
Vest: Sirens $10
T shirt: American Apparel $15
Jeans: Rewind Denim $45
Shoes: Aldo $80
Necklace: Thrifted $9
Cuff: Thrifted $2
Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

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