Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Last Weekend's Rainy Sunday Part 2

Also at the Vancouver Museum is a History of Vancouver exhibit. This exhibit is there all the time so you can check it out whenever you have time. I was not expecting to see a lot of fashion at the museum but there was quite a lot, some from every era.

I am a huge fan of the fashions of the '50s so I mostly took pictures of that time period but there was some fashion from every decade start in the early days of Vancouver.

I would wear these shoes still now, they were beautiful, as were the hats. The amount of time and detail that went into the hats was amazing.

This bathing suit you had to rent at Kitsilano back in the day. If someone wore that at Kits beach these days you would notice them a mile away in the sea of bikinis and bare chested men. I am glad that these suit are not around anymore. It was a great rainy day at the museum, and as we were leaving the sun came out. So we walked up to Cornwall St to Nando's Chicken for some wings and a pint of beer. All in all a great Sunday!

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Times of Glory said...

Really like this post! I love 50s as well. It's a decade full of dreams, beauties and glamour. I really enjoy reading it!