Friday, December 21, 2007

My New Boots

Being that it is the holidays I have been a little slow at adding new posts. Sorry. Also causes its the holidays I bought myself an early gift. For this I thank my grandparents for the Christmas money that has bought me these boots! I am in love. I have worn them for the last 5 days in a row and I can't see that trend ending anytime soon. I have been getting compliments on then everywhere. Which brings me to my next point, UGGS! Why does it seem like every girl in this city has a pair and as soon as a little rain or tiny bit of snow hits, wears them constantly? I personally think that Ugg is shorty for Ugly. I will admit that when they were first popular I went out and bought a knock off pair that I now wear as slippers around my house and down to the laundry room, but the trend is over. I know that everyone will say but their comfy and heels are bad in the rain, but my friends Uggs are not water proof! It much nicer to have a stylish pair of flat leather boots to wear around the city. You can wear them all day and not feel the ache of heels plus you look good. Uggs make everyone look like they have big wide feet, which is not true. So I propose that for 2008 the ladies of this city try a new trend of sleek, stylish yet flat and comfy leather boots. They don't have to have the gold fashy buckles like mine, just something that makes YOU love them!! So Merry Christmas and may Santa fufill all your fashion wishes!

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