Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dancing, Brunch and a Wolf.

Went dancing at Library Square again last night, what can I say I love the place and the '80's tunes! It was a lot of fun and truly think you should check out, message me and who knows maybe I'll come with you:)

I saw these two girls rocking out on the dance floor and had to get a picture of them. Is that hair band/hair piece not the most amazing thing you have seen all week? Well it gets better, she made it herself! I am super jealous that I can't go out and get the same one. Maybe she'll make me one in hot pinks!

I thought the two of them were super cute and I love that they had the confidence to pull off their own thing. And that is really what fashion is all about.

Here's what I wore:
Dress: Estate Sale $25 (real silk)
Shoes: H&M $40
Earrings: Spring $5
Cuff: Value Village $2
Pose: Just for Matt, who calls it one of my "Tiffanyism"

This morning I met up with a couple of my girls and we had brunch at Joe's Grill on 4th which has just as good food as Sophie's without the line! I had poached eggs, and the works for 6 bucks! I can't wait for next sunday! After bunch it was off to the Kitsilano Farmer's Market which runs every sunday on 10th ave and Larch. It is a great place to get fresh produce, pies, plants, really anything. And not just things that start with a "P". I got BC grown coffee beans, for $10. After the Farmer's Market we head to a local thrift store as I wanted to get a wacky tea cup to use for a plant pot. I ended up with a water jug, with flowers on it. But most important I made friend with this fellow!

Shirt: H&M $15
Belt: Joe Fresh $6
Cuff: Value Village $2
Watch: Yard Sale $1

How awesome is this wolf head? It brings to mind so many questions. Why? Who would buy it? Who bought it the first time? Is it real? They go on and on. Now its home time for so homework and curtain making. Hope you had a great weekend!


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