Friday, June 12, 2009

Stripes and Polka Dots part 2

Last time I wrote a post titled "Stripes and Polka Dots" I was wearing them separately in two different outfits. Not this time. This time I went all out in one outfit. I will admit that polka dots, and stripes are two of my favorite things. I love them to death, I will pick up anything that has them on it, and most likely it will come home with me.  So here is what I wore yesterday. Also this outfit just came together because it was laying together on my bed in a pile of clothes and I thought, "Why not?". Does that happen to anyone else? And its awesome when it does.

Top: Le Chateau (gift)
Skirt: Joe Fresh 
Shoes: Spring (last summer) $30
Belt: H&M $15
Sunglasses: Aldo $12
Necklace: True Value Vintage $10
Cuff: Value Village $2
Watch: Yard Sale $1(from the golden girls of my neighbourhood)
Pinky Ring: Gift from my grandmother (its a tiny ladybug)

I wear this cuff everyday so I thought a nice close-up it would be great. 

I got it at Value Village for $2 and it was the best 2 bucks I ever spent! Plus it makes me always stop and look for the next hidden gem!

I had been looking for an oversized mens watch for a while now but didn't want to pay a lot. Well I got this beauty at the yard sale across from my street for $1!! Plus the ladies selling the stuff were the golden girls, and I love them. Can't wait for them to have another one! 

This ring is just fun, my grandmother gave it to me as I love ladybugs. I even have a mini ladybug picture on my wall for good luck. I have had it by the door of every apartment I have lived in. This ring is just one of those fun pieces that I think adds so much to an outfit. 

A side note about the pictures of me: Thank you Stephanie for being my at work fashion photographer. She makes me poses and will not take the photo somewhere she thinks is "ugly". Love you!

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