Monday, June 15, 2009

How Cool Are These?

Seriously, how cool are these earrings? 

I got them on Sunday at the Car Free Day on Main St. There was a free other location around the city that had car free day as well, but me and some friends decided to check out the Main St one this time. After a lovely breakfast of a ham and cheese omelette at Sophie's Cosmic Cafe, Ali, Jen, and I rode our bikes over to check out the festivities.  It was amazing, there was music, vendors and even bike valets! I urge you to check it out next time. One of the high lights for me was all the vintage stores having sales and the street stalls. 

At one of the stalls I pick up these ridiculously cool earrings. Yes, those are Barbie Shoes! I love them! I wore the pink ones to work today with matching pink lipstick and was getting compliments left, right and centre, even from men!

The lovely young lady was selling them for 8 dollars each but I talked into two for 8, I think it was the sun:) If you are interested in a pair, as I am sure you are, you can contact the vendor by the email on her card. I want to know where I can find a pair of the yellow heels in my size. Also she did have many other choice of earrings and styles. 

Other than the earrings I scored a couple other amazing finds at the Car Free Day but they are so good I need to spread out the love. Plus I haven't worn them yet and they look so much better with a person in them. Till then here is what I wore on Friday. 

Jacket: H&M $15
T-shirt: Gift from NYC
Jeans: Zara $50
Shoes: Aldo $60
Sunglasses: Aldo $12
Hairband: American Apparel $4
Earrings: Aldo $4
Cuff: Value Village $2
Watch: Yard Sale $1


Glitter Scrubs said...

Those earrings are awesome! Genius idea! I love your shoes by the way. Did you wear them on Car Free Day? If so, how do you walk in those all day? I can go maybe two hours and then I'm done.. it's flip-flops for me lol

Girl said...

I didn't wear this on car free day actually. I wore a summer dress and flat jelly sandals. I just forgot to get a picture of it! I could wear these for hours..out dancing but for walking around at a flea market I need flip-flops too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tiffany. I love those earrings. At first glance I thought they was key rings llol

Anonymous said...

I too love your earrings. I seen a pair similar in Spain but in gold.
They was hand made.I was going to buy them until the vendor told me the price llol

Shay said...

those earrings are sooo cute!!

Clemintine's faithful follower said...

did you ride your bike in the extremes?!! you're my hero.