Friday, October 3, 2008

Dior on a budget

While up in Vernon last weekend I made a stop at Superstore to check out the Joe Fresh section and I scored big time. I got a nice little bundle of new fall finds and I felt like the lady in the Ikea commercial yelling "Start the car!" I'll definitely be showing you all the fabulous things I got but until then there is what I wore on Monday.

I saw this pink jacket and I had to have it, which is a little strange as I have never been a fan of pink. Its seem lately though I have been attracted to all things pink, pink must be having its a moment in my life. 

Jacket: Joe Fresh $50
Jeans: Rewind Denim $40
Shoes: Aldo $90
Purse: Aldo $50

Now a note about these shoes. I loved the Dior Extreme shoes that SJP wore a few times as Carrie in the SATC movie but of course at $800 dollars (US) they were totally out of my budget so I began the hunt of the best replica I could find. Well Aldo it was!  I walked in looking to spent a $50 dollar gift certificate my work had given me and there they were sitting on the shelf. I tried them on knowing I would be leaving with them! They fit and I loved them. The first thing the sale girl say is "but what will you wear them with?" My answer "Everything!"
The Aldo ones I bought are on the left and The Dior ones on the right, slight differences but for someone who is saving for school and such but loves fashion a much wiser buy!

See you can wear them with ever thing!!



Clemintine's faithful follower said...

fabulous fabulous! those are awesome chicquita!!

KT said...

Those shoes are awesome!

The Vancouverista said...

great shoes
you def. can wear them with everything