Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pictures I haven't shared....

I was flipping through my picture file on my computer and I stumbled across a few picture that I haven't posted. They are in no order and make no sense so here they are jumbled together for your enjoyment.
Jeanne is the best and I need to read this book!

I have these boots and this picture inspires me to wear them in a more glamorous way.

Not the greatest ad for Chanel but reminds of a group of my friends who I love.

The fabulous dinner I made for my man's birthday. The first time I ever made lamb and it was GOOD!


My favourite picture straight from the web. I use it for every party invite I send out on Facebook.
How I want to feel every morning when I get dressed.

The man who make me feel that way.

Where do I find this amazing jacket??

One of my best vintage finds worn to one of the best night outs with my man to a charity gala. I need more galas:)
Us at LMFAO. So much fun!!

The type of outfit I am always drawn too. In fact I am wearing a striped shirt as I type this.
One of my favourite pictures of myself. Such a fun night. NYE 2010.

One day when I have a large enough space this chair will be mine! And I will be the only person who can sit on it.

Hope you enjoyed the jumble that is my photo folder. Now I'm off to my niece's 1st birthday. I make sure to get the money shot of her and her cake face. Have a great Saturday!

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