Thursday, December 3, 2009

Street Style: Zootz Hair Studio

I saw this lovely girl standing outside the back door of Zootz Hair Studio at 4th and Arbutus yesterday and two thoughts went through my head instantly. First: I want that dress and Secondly: I hope it cost her a pretty penny. No my friends, that dress was $3.99 at Value Village! I want it so bad! It is adorable, and Italian.

The dress is thrifted at Value Village and I am sure that purse sitting at the top of the steps is thrifted too. Please note the amazing hair dye job she is rocking! I sometimes wish I was that fearless with my hair but I have come to the conclusion that I am not.

After approaching her to see if I could get her picture, and asking where did she find this dress, we got into a little chat about thrifting. I had to agree with her on it being mostly about luck, you can go into a place on Monday and find nothing and then Tuesday find 10 things you love and are on sale. It is crazy! Also I think one of my favourite things is to check small town thrift shops when I am anywhere. I have found the best items at the cheapest prices in small towns, its like no one knows what gems they have!

So keep a look out people, you never know when thrift shop gold will fall in your lap.

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Trains and Sewing Machines said...

Small town thrift stores are the best. And I actually have found that Value Village at halloween is the best because they save all this amazing stuff for halloween and have racks and racks of stuff that could be used for costumes and I find the BEST stuff there during that time. Amazing.