Thursday, December 3, 2009

Flickn Awesome Photo Event

Yesterday I worked at my clothing store job in the afternoon after a morning of paper writing. One more week till I am done school till April and I am very excited! For now I am extremely busy but I am trying to find sometime every day to update as this is fun for me and lets me be creative. Basically its not school work!

Where: Off to work on 4th.

Why: I have had this shirt since grade 9 and have never known how to wear it. I have to say I must not have know sizing back in the day as it finally fits and I have figure it out.

What: Sweater: unknown $19
Skirt: Le Chateau price unknown
Tights: The Bay $10
Shoes: Joe Fresh $20
Necklace: Thrifted $2
Cuff: Value Village $2
Watch: Yardsale $1

After a hard afternoon off work it was off to the Flickn Awesome Photo Party at the Fortune Sound Club in Chinatown, presented by VancouverIsAwesome. They asked 99 photographers around town to submit some photos for an exhibit/fundraiser for the non profit blog. I was one of the 99 photographers they asked. It was really exciting to see two of my photos up on the wall along side so many other awesome shots.

My friend's Ali, Jen, and Sergio all came with and I have to say we make a stylist bunch. Check out these sparkle tights my friend Ali is wearing. First thing we get there and Jen asks "Are those the American Apparel tights?" Ali replies with pride "Nope, Joe Fresh". You know that means they cost about $10 bucks. Amazing!

Tights: Joe Fresh!!

Where: Fortune Sound Club in Chinatown with Ali, Jen and Sergio

Why: Because what do you wear out when it is freezing but you want to look good?

What: 1960's Velvet Tiger minidress: True Value Vintage $50
Tights: The Bay $10
Shoes: Aldo Outlet $19
Earrings: Aldo $20
Cuff: Value Village $2
Watch: Yardsale $1

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