Monday, February 2, 2009

Bow Tie!

Went bowling on Saturday night with two of my girls at the Arbutus Lanes and on our walk from there to the Kings Head Pub I spotted this young man. How awesome is that bow tie? I love it! Also when I asked if I could take his picture for my blog he answered of course, are you trying to be like the Sartorialist of Vancouver. I wish!! Anyways here he is in all his bow tie glory!

I don't recall his name but if you do or you are him please let me know!

Here is what I wore to bowling:

Sweater: Old, can't remember where I got it. $9
Dress: Old Navy $30
Tight: ? 
Boots: Aldo $50
Necklace: Aldo $15
Earring: Hong Kong Street Market $2
Crazy face: priceless!

UPDATE: Turns out the gentleman at the top is Julian. Hi Julian!


Ed Araquel said...

Hey T,

Good to see you back in full force :)



The Vancouverista said...

WOW! Your new banner is seriously awesome! Great idea.

Anonymous said...

my name is julian funny thing i was headed to go bowling too but unfortunatley the lanes were full...

Anonymous said...

hi my name is julian i really admire what you are doing vancouver needs more people like you continue with your great work

Girl said...

Hey E,

Lunch for sure! ASAP


Iris said...

aw, so glad to see you posting again. i went out to eat recently and my server was wearing a bow tie as well... julian looks great and so do you ;)

Girl said...

Thanks for all the responses. Its great to be back!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm loving your blog, your outfits are classic yet unique! :)
I AM wondering though, could you give us any more information on those great brown Aldo boots that you have pictured? I'm totally digging them in this outfit and so many others you have posted...perhaps you know the style name? That'd be great if you could post that so maybe I could hunt down my very own pair!
Thanks so much, and keep posting, You are doing an amazing job :)

Girl said...

I got those boots about 4 year ago and I have no style number or name but I don't think they make them anymore. You should be able to find a similar style though. Good Luck on your hunt!